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Ideas for Moving Forward

A few thoughts and suggestions for moving forward in the Biden era, in no particular order.

Where Things Stand: There’s A Reason Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer Sounds Familiar

Remember Mark Sanford? If you were a Golden Duke: Duke of Dukes voter this last time around, you most certainly will.

What is National Unity?

Republicans began by resorting to coups and even violent insurrections to overturn the 2020 election. Having failed at that they are now glomming on to Joe Biden's focus on national 'unity' to insist that Democrats overturn it on their behalf by agreeing to the absurd proposition that unity means forgetting the 2020 election even happened. Most of us...

What Are the Ground Rules?

The Biden White House and the Democratic Senate face numerous substantive decisions in the coming days and months. But certain decisions, more procedural than policy, will set the tone and ground rules today and in the months and years ahead. They are critical. And they will have a profound impact on the breadth and success of policy-making over the...

Where Things Stand: The One Year Anniversary Of The First Reported US COVID Case

One year ago today the CDC announced the first case of COVID-19 in the United States.


The story we had ready if Trump had won re-election. Also, special after-the-fact reaction from one of the experts on authoritarianism we had talked to for that story.

Where Things Stand: It Begins

Most of us weren't going to believe it until we saw it.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Joe Biden set a tone yesterday evening to listen rather than speak, to speak through our silences. I will try to heed that as best I can with only some brief remarks as we rest at this threshold. Where do we go from here? What do we make of all this? A lesson for us to learn and absorb is resilience. So many terrible things have happened over...

Trump Comes Through For the Dukester

Trump's final pardons include a TPM special: Duke Cunningham!


If you didn't see the COVID memorial service this evening - part of Joe Biden's larger inauguration program - you really should. It is remarkable, simply remarkable that we are almost a year into this horrible epidemic and this is the first national memorial or commemorative service honoring, remembering the dead. It is a remarkable and a devastating...

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