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#232; In which is marked an Anniversary of Birth

#1519; A Raconteur for All Races

#1518; In which a Bus takes a Plunge

How is it August already!

I just don’t know. I hope you have been keeping well! I have been holding things together here at home with the family, working most waking hours on Professional Work, regretting the loss of our daycare, and falling into bed exhausted most nights. Getting a toddler into bed is like putting a motorcycle away with the throttle stuck open. It can be...

#1215; One in Hole

Eisner Award nomination! (Just a few days to vote!)

A real weird year for it, but heck, what an honor! My latest Wondermark collection, Friends You Can Ride On, has been nominated for an Eisner Award this year in the category Best Humorous Publication. (This is my second nomination in this category.) If you’re a comics professional (artist, writer, inker, colorist, letterer); a webcomic creator; a publisher...

#1517; In which a Visitor proves a Nuisance, Part 2


BIG NEWS: I have extended the FREE SHIPPING SALE for the new Wondermark book by one additional day!  So you now have about 48 hours left to get your copy (if you haven’t already). Some additional details about this book and this promotion: • The book contains roughly Wondermark comics #567 through #1007, with a few additions from outside that range....

#1516; In which a Visitor proves a Nuisance

Free WORLDWIDE shipping? Is such a thing even possible??

Today’s comic is a newly-colored version of a Classic Wondermark – one of the many comics appearing in color in my newest book! Wondermark turned SEVENTEEN years old this past April, and the date passed without me noticing. I’ve been extremely busy during this lockdown, juggling both full-time work and sharing childcare duties, so the days tend...

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