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2019 Errata

Embed from Getty Images Whoopsie dinkles! It’s time, once again, to look at the year gone past, and issue corrections for any errors we discovered in comics published in 2019. #1520; In which Armageddon awaits In the interim, it has been conclusively proven that our society can, in fact, agree on one thing: sea shanties sung collaboratively on social...

#1523; In which Hot Takes are Served Fresh

Downloadable Wondermark 2021 calendar!

I don’t have an all-new 2021 calendar, this year. Time was short, and also, shipping is such a mess this year that I didn’t make a big merchandise push. If you’ve ordered something from me recently, rest assured that it’s on its way…but packages in the hands of the post office have been taking very unpredictable paths to their destinations lately....

#1522; In which a Backstory is established

#1521; No Name is the Pro Name

On the bonkers color palette of Garfield comics

I’ve been reading Garfield comics with my son this week. He’s too young to really follow the narratives — after every strip he pauses, asks what happened, and then says, slowly and calmly, “Why” — but he’s already very fond of the drawings and characters. We’ve been reading specifically late-80’s strips, since those are the books we have handy. Honestly,...

#1179; Time for the Truth

#1520; In which Armageddon awaits

#1073; In which it’s Hard to Judge

Free Patreon Post: Tweet Me Harder Halloween Episode

Eleven years ago THIS VERY NIGHT… (almost) …Kris Straub and I posted a special episode of our podcast Tweet Me Harder that – in case you haven’t heard it before – had absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. Nope. You can listen to it in the old podcast feed, but I’ve also embedded it in this free Patreon post: [ TWEET ME HARDER EPISODE 20 ] Thanks...

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