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Microsoft and Citrix commit to moving on-premises Citrix users to Azure

Microsoft and Citrix commit (again) to integrating their virtualization services and products.

Microsoft continues work to bring different versions of Outlook to parity

Microsoft is adding more productivity-focused features to the various versions of Outlook in pursuit of the Holy Grail of feature parity across the various Outlook flavors.

Microsoft's new Microsoft Consulting Services unit to launch July 14

More details about Microsoft's first reorg of its fiscal 2021 are coming to light, including how it is positioning its new separate consulting services unit.

Microsoft to spin off its Xiaoice chatbot work into an independent company

Microsoft's Xiaoice social chatbot is going to become part of a separate company which will prioritize commercializing the AI technology..

Microsoft has not unblocked the Windows 10 2004 update for Surface devices, after all

Microsoft is continuing to block the May 2020/Windows 10 2004 update on certain devices, including many of its own Surface PCs, in spite of an apparent lifting of the block a week ago.

Microsoft to add new shared background, customizable views, chat bubbles and more to Teams

Microsoft is adding a bunch of new features to Teams in the coming weeks and months, some of which are catching up with what's in competitive services, and others of which are new and different.

Microsoft buys vision system vendor Orions Systems

Microsoft is looking to combine the video and image content analysis technology it is acquiring with Orions Systems to supplement its own Dynamics 365 Connected Store app and Power Platform services.

Microsoft releases its plan for its next set of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform features coming this fall

Microsoft is going public with the next set of features coming to its Dynamics 365 ERP, CRM and HR apps, as well as its Power Platform apps. The rollout of these features starts October 1.

Microsoft continues to build out its Azure Cognitive Services API family

Microsoft is adding a new healthcare-focused text analytics interface to its family of AI programming interfaces, and it's making generally available Custom Commands and Form Recognizer APIs, as well.

Microsoft hires Android mobile engineering and design experts from Movial

Microsoft is hiring Android engineering and design experts who have been working at Finnish mobile development specialist Movial to its ranks.

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