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Insights from HBR Live: Leaders Who Make a Difference - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW

The first edition of HBR Live, our one-day virtual conference on April 8, explored the power of leadership during a truly transformative era. The event drew attendees from more than 75 countries to meet, interact, and hear from more than a dozen speakers, including CEOs, editors, professors, and a poet. Here are some of the […]

What Good Leaders Do When Replacing Bad Leaders

Three actions to help your team move on.

A Playbook for Negotiators in the Social Media Era

Lessons from Amazon and beyond.

Make Your Organization More Resilient to Cyber Attacks - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DXC

Sponsor content from DXC.

A New Way to Scale Social Enterprise

A new type of security, called “mission equity,” caps investor returns so the company’s financial success can help fuel its mission.

How Working Parents Can Strategically Prioritize Their Time

Start by asking yourself what you — and only you — can do.

What Does It Mean to Be a Manager Today?

Managers need a new set of skills to succeed in a world of remote work, automation, and shifting employee expectations.

Mapping AI’s Societal Impact

AI is more than just code and algorithms. It’s an industry built on a global network of resource extraction, human labor, and data collection.

CEOs Speak Out on Politics and the Future of Digital Currencies

Rawi, Rebecca, and Mihir discuss how and why CEOs are speaking out on politics and what China’s digital renminbi means for economics and politics.

Six Best Practices for Elevating Procurement at Your Organization - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WORKDAY

Sponsor content from Workday.

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