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Ookla Finds T-Mobile’s Cellular Internet Twice as Fast as Rivals, Verizon’s Broadband Fastest

Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, has released its latest report on internet speeds in the US. It notes that T-Mobile’s cellular internet was twice as fast as AT&T and Verizon’s while Verizon’s broadband internet was the fastest. Continue reading →

TSMC Struggling to Meet Apple’s Carbon Neutrality Goal: Report

A supply chain report claims that Apple’s suppliers are far from meeting the company’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The lofty target is reportedly putting pressure on the company’s supply chain. Continue reading →

2022 iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5 Models Spotted in Eurasian Database Update

Apple is legally required to update the Eurasian Economic Commission database with details of its upcoming products that use the commission’s encryption technology, making the database a reliable source of information about forthcoming releases. The database has been updated with devices that could be Apple’s new 2022 iPhone SE 3 and iPad Air 5. ...

AT&T and Verizon’s New C-Band 5G Spectrum Deployment Could Cause “Catastrophic Disruption” for US Flights

CEOs of major US airlines have warned that the deployment of AT&T and Verizon’s new 5G service on Wednesday would cause a “catastrophic” aviation crisis. The new C-Band 5G spectrum is said to affect a significant number of widebody aircrafts, rendering them unusable, which could cause chaos for US airlines and “potentially strand tens of thousands...

Ericsson Drags Apple to Court for Patent Infringement after Licensing Talks Collapse

Telecom giant Ericsson has filed two separate lawsuits alleging that Apple is using its patented 2G, 3G, and 4G technology without permission. The companies had a mutual deal to use the cellular standards but the related licenses expired recently. Continue reading →

Apple To Allow Third-Party Payment for Dating Apps in the Netherlands; but With Some Caveats

Back in December last year, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) found that Apple’s App Store breached the country’s competition rules. The Dutch regulator ordered that the iPhone maker must allow third-party payment methods for dating apps. Following the ruling, Apple finally agreed to allow local dating apps to transact via non-native...

Leaker Claims Apple Will Complete Apple Silicon Transition With 2022 Mac Pro

In a series of tweets, self-professed Apple data analyst @Dylandkt on Twitter claimed that the iPhone maker would completely transition to Apple Silicon by the end of Q4 2022. He also claimed that the MacBook Pro 13-inch variant would be replaced with the M2-powered MacBook Pro 14-inch. Continue reading →

Developer Gets CarPlay Working on Tesla Using Android

Tesla doesn’t support Apple CarPlay on its cars. So, one Tesla Model 3 owner ironically resorted to using Android on a Raspberry Pi to get CarPlay up and running. Continue reading →

2023 iPhone SE 4 Could Feature a 5.7-Inch Display and Debut in 2023

Display Supply Chain Consultants analyst Ross Young claims that the 2023 iPhone SE 4 could feature a 5.7-inch display and debut in 2023 instead of 2024. The analyst also mentioned that the 2022 iPhone SE 3 is likely to be rebadged as the iPhone SE+ 5G and it would have a 4.7-inch LCD screen. Continue reading →

Non-iPhone 14 Pro Models May Skip 120Hz ProMotion Display

Ross Young, noted display analyst, reported that Apple’s ProMotion technology could be exclusively available for iPhone 14 Pro models and skip lower-end iPhone 14 models. This contradicts analyst Jeff Pu’s claims that all upcoming iPhone 14 models could feature 120 Hz ProMotion displays. Continue reading →

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