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You Can Buy This Stealth iPhone 12 Pro Without Any Cameras or LiDAR Scanner for Just $4,990

Caviar has recently launched a lavishly modified version of the iPhone 12 Pro, “iPhone 12 Pro Stealth”. Like Caviar’s previous iPhones, this edition also uses precious metal materials such as titanium and gold, but the unexpected highlight of this version is the absence of cameras and the LiDAR scanner. Continue reading →

Apple Likely to Announce a New Product Next Tuesday

Last month Apple concluded its third major event this year. Despite the pandemic, it was a usual year for the company. Now it has come to light that Apple might have yet another product launch up its sleeve. Continue reading →

watchOS 8 Concept Imagines Control Center for Apple Watch

Apple will launch the watchOS 8 next year. However, it is not stopping concept designers from imagining what the watchOS 8 would look like. YouTube Channel by the name “A Better Company” has come up with a watchOS 8 concept that looks amazing and addresses one of the problems Apple Watch users might face. Continue reading →

Build Your Own Apps After Learning From This Bundle

With a brand new crop of iPhones and Apple Watches in town, we all could use an excuse to play with our gadgets a little longer. If you have a perfect app idea that you’ve been wanting to execute, SwiftUI is a new way to program and build cool apps using about 5 times less code than other programming paradigms. And since we’ll all be staying safer at...

OnePlus 8T Beats iPhone 12 Pro Max in Blind Camera Comparison

Popular YouTuber MKBHD has been doing a popular blind camera comparison for the last couple of years. In the first year, the results surprised everyone with the $300 Poco F1 winning the comparison and the iPhones performing poorly. Things were no different last year with the iPhone 11 Pro being outed in the first round itself. Continue reading...

iPhone 12 Owners Facing Excessive Standby Battery Drain

A number of iPhone 12 owners have been complaining about excessive standby battery drain. iPhones are known for their excellent standby battery life and they tend to lose around 1-2% even after remaining idle for over 8-10 hours. However, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro owners are experiencing a standby battery drain of as high as 20-40%. Continue...

iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 Beta 3 Download Available Now

Apple today released the third beta of iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 to developers, a week after releasing the second beta of the OS. Continue reading →

Apple Could be Forced to Include a Power Adapter with the iPhone 12 in Brazil

Apple drew flak for ditching wall charger and EarPods on new iPhones. The company claimed to do so for environmental reasons. However, the claim is superficial as one would need to buy a separate wall charger as new iPhones come with USB-C to Lightning connector. Now the Brazilian authorities have asked Apple on why new iPhones are sold without a charger....

Newly Discovered Zero-Click WiFi Exploit Lets Hackers Access iPhones Remotely

In the recent past, we have seen a slew of iOS vulnerabilities. The latest vulnerability lets hackers access your iPhone using a “zero-click” attack. The zero-click refers to an attack wherein the victim is not required to input anything. In other words, the attacker could gain access to an iPhone remotely. Continue reading →

B&H Cyber Week Sale Offering Heavy Discounts on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, More

Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be over but the deals have not. B&H is running a Cyber Week deal in which it is offering some pretty sweet discounts on various Apple products. Continue reading →

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