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And now Triller is trying to buy U.S. TikTok, report claims

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Taylor Swift donates $30,000 to help student afford university

If you've listened to her new album folklore, you'll already be more than aware of Taylor Swift's ability to brighten up everybody's day in dark times. But recently she took things to a whole new level. On Thursday, the pop star appears to have donated £23,373 ($30,716) to the GoFundMe of 18-year-old Vitoria Mario, a student in the UK raising money...

5 practical ways to cut back on doomscrolling

If you check social media as soon as you wake up, work online for a living, spend hours scrolling the internet after work, or fall asleep basking in the glow of your phone's blue light, there's a good chance you're a doomscroller. Doomscrolling is a fairly new term that gained popularity after people began quarantining to help stop the spread of the...

Twitter and the porn apocalypse that could reshape the industry as we know it

August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and we're celebrating with an entire week dedicated to exploring the business and pleasure of porn. The adult entertainment industry lives in perpetual fear not of anti-porn activists or conservative legislation, but of a crackdown on their accounts by Twitter — a move many of them believe is imminent...

Facebook admits it's awash in COVID-19 misinformation

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Twitter gives everyone the power to limit tweet replies (for real this time)

OK, this time Twitter means it.  What has since May been the prerogative of a select few has finally trickled down to the social media plebs. As of Tuesday morning, every Twitter user has the power to dictate who can — and crucially, by extension, who can't — reply to their tweets.  For a brief moment last week it appeared Twitter had quietly made...

Twitter is testing a new 'Quotes' counter

Twitter might make it easier for users to view quote retweets.  The social network confirmed to The Verge over the weekend that it's testing a new feature. For some people, quote retweets now appear as "Quotes" under tweets, with their own counter, similar to how the number of retweets and likes are displayed.  Twitter updated the iOS app in May to...

Facebook just banned one of its biggest QAnon groups

Hundreds of thousands of advocates of the QAnon conspiracy theory are going to have to find a new online hangout. The second largest QAnon group on Facebook has been banned from the platform, the social network announced Thursday. The group, called “Official Q/Qanon,” had nearly 200,000 members at the time of its removal. Facebook said it took the...

Learn how to succeed in digital marketing with these online classes

TL;DR: Learn to build your online presence with the Complete Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Certification bundle for $34.99, a 97% savings as of Aug. 7.  Contrary to what it seems, digital marketing goes way beyond posting on Facebook and getting listed in Google. If you're going to succeed as a marketer in 2020, knowledge of search engine optimization...

In panic, Twitter locked out users who changed their password in the last month

Twitter's barn door has been fully, and aggressively closed — it just so happens to have slammed shut on a hell of a lot of people in the process.  Twitter confirmed Thursday that, amidst an ongoing compromise of internal systems that was out of control Wednesday, it took the unprecedented step of locking out all users that had changed — or had even...

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