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Facebook takes down network linked to Roger Stone, Proud Boys for ‘inauthentic behavior’

Facebook routinely bans profiles and pages from its platform for trying to cheat the system and fake engagement or mislead users. But it’s not everyday that one of those networks is run by President Donald Trump’s former associate, Roger Stone. In a post on its website today, Facebook’s Head of Security Policy Nathaniel Gleicher announced that the...

Twitter is building a 'subscription platform,' and paying for tweets might be a thing

"This site is free" is a common refrain on Twitter. Meant to be read in the tone of sarcastic disbelief, it's often brought out to highlight the absurdity of a situation that someone has, typically, stumbled ass-first into online — on full display for all Twitter users to witness in real time, free of charge.  However, if a job listing on Twitter's...

Instagram's 'Pinned Comments' feature is now available to everyone

If you're trying to inject some positivity into your Instagram posts, the new Pinned Comments feature could help. The feature, which Instagram started testing back in May, is officially now available everywhere. Instagram's VP of Product, Vishal Shah, took to Twitter to announce that you can now pin a few (of what will likely be your favorite) comments...

#BlackLivesMatter saw tremendous growth on social media. Now what?

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Facebook admits to improperly giving user data to third-party developers, again

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Facebook bans far right ‘Boogaloo’ accounts from its platform

Facebook is cracking down on the Boogaloo movement. On Tuesday, the social media giant announced that it was classifying a network on its platform associated with the boogaloo movement as a “dangerous organization.” As a result, this network has been banned from the platform.  The Boogaloo boys, as members are often referred, are a far right libertarian...

India bans TikTok after deadly military conflict, accuses app of 'stealing' data

The Indian government banned TikTok, which is extremely popular in the country, for alleged privacy violations and threatening its "sovereignty." On Monday, the government of India announced the banning of 59 apps — including TikTok — for "[engaging] in activities which is prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security...

Twitter meme 'knows a spot' for some absolutely terrible dates

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping us home for the past few months, going on dates and visiting new places have become but distant, fond memories. A new Twitter meme is now softening the sting of social distancing, reminding restless singles that, even if we could go out, trusting your date to bring you somewhere spectacular usually isn't as romantic...

Facebook announces bold plan to label some awful content, sometimes

Mark Zuckerberg has a bold new plan to occasionally do something about content that violates Facebook's policies. Every now and then. When the company feels like it.  In a Friday morning livestream and accompanying post, the CEO seemingly attempted to mollify critics of his decision to allow a post from Donald Trump threatening violence against protesters...

Verizon decides Facebook doesn't need its ad money after all

Mark Zuckerberg can definitely hear Verizon now.  The telecommunications giant announced Thursday that it is immediately ceasing all advertising on Facebook. So reports CNBC, which notes that Verizon is joining the likes of Patagonia, REI, and Ben & Jerry's in financially distancing itself from the controversial social media platform.  In an emailed...

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