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7 things to do to avoid dementia even if you have high genetic risk

A study of people in the US suggests those at high genetic risk of dementia are less likely to develop the condition if they improve their lives in seven ways

Bricks made of dust from the Moon and Mars could make space buildings

Baking a mixture of saltwater and materials that mimic dust from the moon or Mars at a high temperature produced sturdy bricks that could be used to build human habitats in space

Firearm suicides are rising in the US despite declining globally

In the past three decades, suicides involving guns have steadily dropped around the world. While down overall in the US since 1990, they began to climb in 2006 – coinciding with increased access to firearms

Teleportation trick shows promise for a future quantum internet

Quantum information has been sent from one side of a simple quantum network to the other, passing through an intermediate network node without affecting it

A quantum computer could catch its own errors on any calculation

A set of 16 qubits has been arranged so that they may be able to run any calculation error-free – a crucial step toward building quantum computers that can outpace traditional ones

Robot that can do laundry by itself will help test washing machines

A completely automated system for using a washing machine, from loading to unloading, is already being used for appliance tests by one manufacturer

Covid-19 news: Reinfection eight times higher with omicron than delta

A regular round-up of the latest coronavirus news, plus insight, features and interviews from New Scientist about the covid-19 pandemic

One in every 50 planets may have been stolen from other stars

Planets can be snatched from one solar system by another in the early lives of stars born in dense clusters of dust and gas

Marjan Minnesma: Climate litigation pioneer wins environmental prize

The founder of Dutch group Urgenda talks about the legacy of her landmark legal success against the Netherlands government — and what comes next

UK to relax law on gene-edited food in post-Brexit change from EU

Tomatoes edited to make them a rich source of vitamin D and other crops edited for health and environmental reasons could be sold after the new Genetic Technology Bill

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