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How to see the spectacular comet Neowise with the naked eye

Comet Neowise is currently putting on an impressive show for observers in the northern hemisphere, and you should be able to see it without binoculars or a telescope

Odd space circles show we are far from running out of cosmic puzzles

The discovery of Odd Radio Circles is just the latest thrilling reminder of how much more there is left to find out there – and of how much there is to look forward to

Is there another planet in the universe just like Earth?

Audible podcast Exoplanets explores the hunt to find planets like our own outside our solar system. There are potentially millions of them out there, and more are found every day

The moon may have stopped the early Earth from being a frozen snowball

Astronomers have long been puzzled by the faint young sun paradox, which says the sun would not have been bright enough in the past to keep Earth warm. Now it seems the moon may have helped

Alien civilisations could move their star to avoid a cosmic disaster

A researcher has come up with an idea for a huge machine that advanced civilisations could use to move their star system around the galaxy – and we might be able to spot one in action

The Sirens of Mars review: Inside the hunt for life on the Red Planet

We once thought Mars had canals built by an advanced society. We've come a long way since then, but there is still much to discover, finds Leah Crane

Circles in space made of radio waves are like nothing we've ever seen

Astronomers have discovered four circles of radio waves in space, but have no explanation for their origin. We don't even know how big or far away they are

The detector with a billion sensors that may finally snare dark matter

Dark matter must exist, but has evaded all attempts to find it. Now comes our boldest plan yet – sensing its minuscule gravitational force as it brushes past us

Pluto's tiny moons may have been chipped off its biggest moon

Pluto has one very large moon, Charon, and four tiny ones, leaving astronomers confused as to how they formed. The answer may be that the quartet used to be part of Charon, not Pluto

Astronomers have spotted six possible exomoons in distant star systems

Moons are ubiquitous in our solar system, but we have not definitively found any farther afield – that may be changing with 6 new exomoon candidates

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