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News Post: Crime Adjacent

Tycho: Gabriel is at The Tooth Store, which I think is also called The Orthodontist, having some serious shit done to his mouth hole. The reason I know it's serious is that he didn't want to do a strip about it here. We did manage to do one for Club PA, if that's of interest, but it's an index of his horror at the affair that the way we typically process...

Comic: Crime Adjacent

New Comic: Crime Adjacent

News Post: Race Night

Gabe: It's Penny Arcade league Race night! The Pit Crew will open up on Twitch tonight at 7:30PT for warm up and the race will start around 8:30PT. Stick around after the race for C.S.iRacing, where we look at wrecks and assign blame. Then we cap off the night with the livery parade where everyone gets to show off their custom paint jobs, tonight's...

News Post: Heat

Tycho: I want to apologize for my ill-considered foray into teen nutrition. And also necromancy. I regret the necromancy. That is to say, I apologize if you were offended by my necromancy. Right? I mean… isn't life, just… Death? Man, I hope this works! One of my favorite developers, Zachtronics - who I guess are local to me, but the Internet makes everyone...

Comic: Heat

New Comic: Heat

News Post: Tales From The Loop

Tycho: Connected to the idea that you might now be more conscious of your backlog than you have ever been, there's whole platforms full of partially gnawed games interred beneath cargo shorts or in the garage maybe, waiting to be awoken by the wall adapter, provided you have the right one because there was a period there on Nintendo handhelds where...

Comic: Tales From The Loop

New Comic: Tales From The Loop

News Post: Parasociety

Tycho: I'm not even sure which one it's said to be exactly, I would have to ask in more detail and my eldest definitely did not want to discuss it at length. They were clearly in pain; it was that admixture of shame and indignation that arises from reckonings of this kind, the call to action set against someone your psychological reward structure tells...

Comic: Parasociety

New Comic: Parasociety

News Post: Flash Photography

Tycho: Michael Keaton returning to the role of Batman after passing through a metaphorical looking glass in Birdman is almost too much. Like so, so much now, the arc feels written. There's an unsettling level of symmetry I would say generally but specifically here. I don't know how many times art has to imitate life has to imitate art before we understand...

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