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Comic: Kit Slash Caboodle

New Comic: Kit Slash Caboodle

News Post: Tarzhei

Tycho: I did make an effort to secure an Xbox Series X, using a link Gabriel was turned on to later, and I could get all the way to the end of the process but attempting to make a purchase just made the top of the page turn yellow. It suggested a link I could click for more information, and I did so, learning that the reason I wasn't able to make the...

News Post: Target Zero.

Gabe: Target was a real shit show yesterday along with every other store I tried to buy an Xbox Series X from. Target was especially frustrating in that it kept telling me I had one in my cart but wouldn’t let me buy it. I had pretty much given up when I got sent a link to the MS store via twitter that people claimed was working. I was skeptical and...

Comic: Tarzhei

New Comic: Tarzhei

News Post: Standard Operating Procedure

Tycho: A lot of dinners I had to eat much later because of the schedule, I just had something going on then, I was being beamed to various places and because I was not corporeal at that time I could not eat.  Gotta have a mouth for that.  But I still ate more than I would have at a regular PAX, which is basically nothing but whatever nuts and seeds...

Comic: Standard Operating Procedure

New Comic: Standard Operating Procedure

News Post: The Name Of The Wind

Tycho: Because "compatibility," broadly writ, is sort of an assumption for The Last Generation of Consoles the intensity with which one must seek out a platform's Exemplar is diluted somewhat. At least, for me. Gabriel craves a gadget, and so when he is denied one it is keenly felt. The PS4 Pro and the One X have more than enough beef to let me ride...

Comic: The Name Of The Wind

New Comic: The Name Of The Wind

News Post: Mobster Energy

Tycho: Monster Energy is a company that makes hummingbird food, and they are under the impression that this grants them primacy over a term whose etymological loam is Latin, causing them to spasmodically whip and gnash at completely reasonable uses of the word like Ubisoft's Gods and Monsters. Ubi did change the name, saying it was a creative decision,...

Comic: Mobster Energy

New Comic: Mobster Energy

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