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Alguashte (Salvadoran Pumpkin Seed Seasoning)

Salvadoran alguashte is a versatile two-ingredient condiment made from pumpkin seeds and salt. It adds a deeply earthy, nutty to everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to savory dishes. Read More

Mango Verde Con Alguashte (Salvadoran Green Mango With Pepita Seasoning)

Two key ingredients are all that are needed to tame the bracingly sour flavor of unripened green mango: fresh lime juice, and alguashte, a ground condiment made form roasted pumpkin seeds. Read More

Pasta c'Anciuova e Muddica Atturrata (Sicilian Pasta With Anchovies and Toasted Breadcrumbs)

A deeply satisfying but simple Sicilian pasta, rich with tomato, anchovies, and toasted breadcrumbs. Read More

The 10-Minute Window for the Perfect McDonald’s Mash-Up

We call it the golden arches hour, when the hash brown meets the Filet-O-Fish. Read More

Nem Chua (Vietnamese Cured Pork With Garlic and Chiles)

This Vietnamese version of a popular Southeast Asian cured-pork snack is tangy, salty, and loaded with the funky, spicy, and fragrant flavors of raw garlic, bird's eye chiles, and both black and white peppercorns. Read More

What to Do With Sourdough Discard

What to do with sourdough discard. Read More

Daniel Gritzer's Home Kitchen Is Tiny But Chock Full of Gear

Take a video tour of Serious Eats culinary director Daniel Gritzer's home kitchen. Read More

The Science of Yogurt Marinades

Conventional cooking wisdom suggests that marinating meat for a long time can yield undesirable results. But all acids are not equal, and yogurt-based marinades can produce great results, even when applied to meats overnight. Read More

Roast Chicken With Romesco and Creamy Corn

Pop a chicken in the oven, sauté some fresh summer corn in butter, then plate it up with a generous dollop of Spain's famously nutty, fruity, flavorful romesco sauce to round it out. Read More

Galam Plee Pad Nam Pla (Thai Stir-Fried Cabbage With Fish Sauce and Garlic)

Tender-crisp cabbage, stir-fried in a ripping hot wok with garlic and fish sauce. Read More

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