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OnePlus Nord price leaked ahead of AR launch event

OnePlus said it was going back to what it does best. There was even a promise of a sub-$500 smartphone that, while not a flagship killer, is expected to be a David among Goliaths. The company has just tried to drum up the hype by confirming its AR-flavored event later this month. Unsurprisingly, that may have opened the floodgates of … Continue reading

Apple Pay QR code support could be coming soon

Apple’s mobile payment has been around for more than half a decade now but its primary interaction with the physical world has been through NFC. While more convenient and more secure than the likes of Bluetooth or RFID, that convenience requires both the phone and the terminal to have the hardware necessary to enable it. Now it seems that Apple … Continue...

ARM shifts away from IoT to focus on core chip business

The past weeks have been great for ARM, the designers of the most-used processors in the mobile and embedded world. From Apple’s switch to its own ARM-based Silicon to powering the world’s fastest supercomputer, ARM seems poised to become an even bigger threat to Intel than AMD was. Perhaps emboldened by that newfound prestige, the company has decided...

Nokia 1 Android 10 update has started rolling out

The Nokia 1 isn’t exactly a phone that would wow people, not unless you’re impressed by how basic and affordable it is. Of course, its whole point was to deliver an Android experience that almost anyone can afford, regardless of budget constraints. Most phones on this tier often get forgotten after they land in the market. HMD Global, however, is …...

Galaxy Watch 3 strikes a pose as it passes by Taiwan’s NCC

The date is set for Samsung’s big event and while the Galaxy Note 20 is the obvious center of attraction, it is expected to be joined by no less than three other Galaxy devices. Whether that entourage includes a smartwatch, however, is still unknown but the Galaxy Watch 3 seems to be ready to jump into the spotlight at any … Continue reading

Galaxy A51 and A71 get gifted with Galaxy S20 camera features

The Galaxy S20 may have been a flop but the first half of 2020 wasn’t a total loss for Samsung. That’s was mostly thanks to the unexpected popularity of its mid-range selection, the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy 71, to be exact. These more affordable phones offered looks and features that met the day to day needs of most users and … Continue reading

Animal protein beats plant alternatives for sustaining muscle, study finds

When it comes to sustaining the muscles you built up during your younger years, a new study has found that animal-sourced proteins are more effective than protein from soy and wheat, the two most popular plant alternatives. The findings were recently published at The Physiological Society’s Future Physiology 2020 conference. The goal of the study was...

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 virtual August event detailed

Samsung has officially revealed the details for its Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, detailing how it will hold the virtual event and when it will take place. As with other major events this year, Unpacked 2020 will be streamed online for the public to tune in rather than being held as a live event. What can Samsung fans expect? New Galaxy … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Video adds user profiles following successful test

Amazon Prime Video has finally added a feature that has already been available on a number of competing platforms: user profiles. With these, multiple people in the same household can separate their viewing habits, preventing someone from having their personalized recommendations messed up when another person views their own favorite shows. The profiles...

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW brings mmWave to “affordable” tier

This week the folks at Samsung and Verizon revealed the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW. This device is now the least expensive way to access Verizon’s own Ultra Wideband 5G connectivity. With this device, users get a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display, four cameras (and a fifth on the front), 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, and a microSD card slot …...

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