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DIY face masks are effective against powerful sneezes, too, study finds

Early on in the pandemic, there was some controversy over the use of homemade and reusable face masks, with the public expressing concerns over whether these common materials could suitably slow the spread of airborne droplets. A number of studies have validated the use of these masks, though they’ve focused on smaller droplets, not the larger ones...

Amazon’s PS5 preorders could be delayed past release day

Earlier this week, Sony unveiled the prices for its upcoming PlayStation 5 console with preorders going live soon after. Many consumers found the price agreeable and were quick to preorder the console, but now there’s some bad news to go alongside them: delays. Amazon has fired off an email to many customers who preordered the next-generation console...

DC Universe will relaunch as comic subscription after HBO Max shuffle

Weeks after it was announced that DC Universe would be moving its video content to WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, the company has announced plans to relaunch the service as DC Universe Infinite, a comic book subscription service that provides users with access to the company’s vast catalog. The service will first launch in the US, but DC plans to make it …...

New No Man’s Sky content keeps on rolling with fast approaching Origins update

Following the release of its small-scale title The Last Campfire, Hello Games made a surprise announcement for No Man’s Sky fans today. As it turns out, the developer is nearly ready to launch a new update for No Man’s Sky, this one dubbed Origins. There aren’t a whole lot of details about the Origins update yet, but with it slated … Continue reading

Amazon Alexa Fall 2020 event gets a date – What we expect

Amazon has confirmed the date for its annual fall “Devices & Services” event, with the online-only launch taking place on September 24. It’s expected to see the debut of Amazon’s latest Alexa-powered hardware range ahead of the holidays, and which, if past events are anything to go by, will probably include both smart speaker mainstays of the line-up...

ESA funds Hera mission as part of planetary defense project with NASA

The European Space Agency has announced the funding of Hera, its part of the overall AIDA mission it will participate in with NASA. The Hera mission will involve sending a probe to investigate the impact of a NASA mission on an asteroid, two aspects of an overall mission designed to help protect our planet from asteroids. The awarded contract covers...

NVIDIA promises RTX 3080 Founders Edition restock for next week

By this point, many PC gaming enthusiasts have noticed that there’s a severe lack of GeForce RTX 3080 cards out there. The GPUs launched earlier this week to a lot of excitement and seemingly sold out everywhere immediately. This includes on NVIDIA’s website, where it offers Founders Editions of its new graphics cards. In fact, once the 3080 launched,...

The CDC just changed COVID-19 testing guidelines with huge implications

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning Americans that they should be tested for COVID-19 if they are exposed to someone who is infected regardless of whether they’re showing symptoms. This is a reversal of the previous recommendation that testing is unnecessary for someone who doesn’t show symptoms of the disease even if they’ve had...

Cyberpunk 2077 minimum PC specs confirmed and you may be surprised

With Cyberpunk 2077 on the horizon, CD Projekt Red has revealed the minimum and recommended PC specifications for the game. While a lot of PC gaming enthusiasts are probably hoping to have one of NVIDIA’s new RTX 30-series cards by the time Cyberpunk 2077 releases in November, stock issues on release suggest that it could be some time before most …...

Fortnite: Save the World on macOS is the latest victim of Epic and Apple’s feud

The feud between Epic Games and Apple has claimed another victim – Fortnite: Save the World on Mac. Epic has revealed that Apple is blocking its ability to sign “games and patches for distribution on Mac,” which means that development on the Mac version of Save the World has essentially come to a halt. In just a few days, Epic … Continue reading

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