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Neo-Nazi leader and girlfriend accused of targeting Md. power stations

Atomwaffen founder Brandon Russell and a girlfriend, Sarah Clendaniel, are accused of launching a neo-Nazi plot to attack power substations around Baltimore.

They befriended an ailing doctor, then stole millions from him, feds say

Anthony David Flores, 46, and Anna Rene Moore, 39, allegedly defrauded the doctor out of nearly $3 million starting in September 2017, the Justice Department said.

Rural America has homeless people too. But they’re hard to find.

Each year, advocates count the number of homeless people on a given night. In cities, this is difficult. In rural Pennsylvania, it's very difficult.

In blue New Mexico, antiabortion activists use small towns to push national ban

In New Mexico, cities and counties near the Texas border are aiming to erect an invisible wall against abortion providers and medications.

School’s vendor served chicken, watermelon at start of Black History Month

A New York middle school principal blamed vendor Aramark, which has a history of similar incidents and apologized for a meal change that included racist tropes.

A Ukrainian basketball player readied for a shot. Fans chanted ‘Russia!’

Max Shulga, a Ukrainian-born player on Utah State University's basketball team, was about to shoot a free throw when opposing fans chanted "Russia!"

‘People are afraid’: Antisemitic fliers found in Atlanta suburbs

Flyers describing a sacred Jewish text as “satanic” were folded into plastic bags and weighed down by corn kernels so they wouldn’t blow away.

Cargo plane nearly hits passenger flight, leading to FAA investigation

A FedEx cargo plane and Southwest Airlines jet came within 1,000 feet of each other this weekend at an Austin runway, according to a flight-tracking group.

Potential for ‘major explosion’ from derailed train, Ohio governor says

About 500 people had not followed evacuation orders, the Ohio governor said, ordering them to leave Sunday night after a dangerous temperature change in a rail car.

L.A. says goodbye to P-22, its mountain lion turned celebrity crush

“People always said he looked like Brad Pitt. And yeah, he looked like Brad, but he walked like Denzel ... that slow, real relaxed, sexy walk,” a neighbor said.

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