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Gunman was inside school for an hour before he was killed by police

Texas authorities contradicted previous statements about how police confronted and killed a gunman after a school massacre.

The NRA has weakened. But gun rights drive the GOP more than ever.

The NRA as an organization is embroiled in lawsuits and infighting, taking a toll on its budget and standing in Washington. Its decline has created space for more-extreme alternative groups to gain traction, and the potency of gun rights as a motivating issue for Republican voters and politicians has only intensified.

Singer Don McLean leads wave of dropouts from NRA convention after Texas shooting

Country and gospel singer Larry Gatlin and Larry Stewart of the country band Restless Heart also said Thursday they were dropping out.

Cruz storms off after being asked why mass shootings happen ‘only in America’

The Texas senator, who is among the Republicans vehemently opposed to proposals from Democrats on expanding background checks on gun sales, has called for increased safety in schools and has condemned “political posturing” in the aftermath of the attack.

They survived the Dallas hair salon shooting. Here’s their message.

Two weeks after a gunman shot and wounded three women in what is being investigated as a hate crime, the victims are speaking out about gun violence.

Late-night hosts balance comedy and tragedy after Texas school rampage

Seth Meyers said it was hard addressing millions of viewers about a mass shooting at an elementary school —but dropping his kids off at school was harder.

Uvalde’s congressman dodges gun-control questions after shooting: ‘Not today’

Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales, who represents Uvalde, Tex., declined to discuss gun control on "CBS Mornings."

Photos since Columbine show cycle of gun violence in schools

At least 185 children, teachers and other people have lost their lives in school shootings since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, according to a Washington Post database. Over 23 years, the photographs that follow when first responders rush to a massacre begin to look eerily similar.

‘Abbott Elementary’ creator rejects calls for school shooting episode

Quinta Brunson called on viewers to demand action from politicians, not entertainers: "we’re not okay."

Live updates: Texas town mourns as school shooter’s grim messages surface

A video shows parents frustrated by police during the Uvalde, Tex., shooting that ended with 19 students and two teachers dead.

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