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Police videos posted in investigation into Okla. nonbinary teen’s death

Tenth-grader Nex Benedict collapsed and died in early February, a day after being involved in an altercation in a high school bathroom.

Sat Feb 24, 2024 20:58
New website will let law clerks judge their judges

A database will allow young lawyers to review judges they worked for and give law students a way to learn which judges have good — or bad — reputations as employers.

Sat Feb 24, 2024 17:08
My teen talks to me now that she’s 200 miles away for college

I assumed that when she embarked on her new life as a college freshman she would flee from me like a gazelle narrowly escaping the jaws of a crocodile.

Sat Feb 24, 2024 15:17
With Alabama’s IVF court ruling, a scary future for women’s health care

Physicians in the state fear that its increasingly draconian restrictions on reproductive health care are delaying treatment and endangering lives.

Sat Feb 24, 2024 14:08
Flaco, the beloved celebrity owl that escaped Central Park Zoo, is dead

Flaco, the owl who escaped Central Park Zoo and became a New York celebrity, has died aged 13. Eurasia eagle owls have a lifespan of up to 60 years in captivity.

Sat Feb 24, 2024 12:50
Dartmouth, other elite universities settle financial aid suit for $166 million

The schools are among 10 prestigious institutions that have struck deals in recent months to shake off accusations they colluded to limit financial aid for admitted students.

Sat Feb 24, 2024 06:07

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