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Donald Ross, leader of public advocacy groups, dies at 78

He was an early associate of Ralph Nader, then led public interest and charitable groups.

A sea turtle neared extinction. A trove of eggs shows it can be saved.

The Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nest, found in the dunes Galveston Island State Park, was the first to be detected in the park since 2012 and among three discovered there in the past two decades.

Europe accepts Putin’s demands on gas payments to avoid more shut-offs

The European Union gives Putin a public relations victory while continuing to fund his war effort in Ukraine.

NOAA forecasts seventh straight busy Atlantic hurricane season

It’s calling for 14 to 21 named storms, 6 to 10 hurricanes and 3 to 6 major hurricanes.

Seven White House climate staffers to watch

Outside the spotlight, several staffers in the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy are quietly helping to craft President Biden's climate agenda, including three new detailees announced Monday.

Behind bulletproof shields, Colombian candidates fear for their lives

Front-runner Gustavo Petro could be Colombia's first leftist president. Death threats have led his campaign to take unusual security measures.

Climate worries galvanize a new pro-nuclear movement in the U.S.

Some who opposed nuclear now think keeping plants like Diablo Canyon open is the only way to stop climate change

Climate change boosted odds of record heat in Pakistan and India

A study shows climate change made India and Pakistan’s record heat in March and April at least 30 times more likely to occur and about 1.8 degrees hotter.

Tensions rise as drought worsens and heat surges across California

The effects of climate change are advancing at a pace no one could have anticipated in California, as the state enters its third consecutive summer of a painful drought.

The Black feminist activist who could be Colombia’s vice president

Francia Márquez, a political newcomer, is forcing Colombia to confront its racist, classist and sexist past and present.

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