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‘Significant’ tornadoes, storm outbreak possible in the South on Tuesday

Dangerous storms with potential for tornadoes are forecast to erupt Tuesday in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee.

3 climate stories you may have missed over the Thanksgiving break

From congressional races in Alaska to a wildlife conference in Panama, the past few days brought a flurry of important developments for the planet.

Ruby, the Capitol Christmas Tree, is part of a species in climate peril

The 78-foot-tall red spruce came from the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. As it glitters on the National Mall, advocates are hoping to draw attention to the challenges the trees face in a warmer, drier world, and why they are important to restore throughout the Appalachians.

Why The Washington Post is starting a climate advice column

Our new Climate Coach introduces himself.

Introducing The Post’s expanded Climate coverage

Welcome to The Washington Post's expanded climate coverage: A note from the Executive Editor

Less attractive, less picky: How mating is changing in a hotter world

Leave it to climate change to teach us that looks aren’t everything.

On the edge of retreat

An island community moved to the mainland. Now the fast-rising sea is following — a warning for the rest of the East Coast.

An engineering marvel just saved Venice from a flood. What about when seas rise?

The Washington Post got an up-close look at the $6 billion MOSE barrier system, including a hidden world of underwater tunnels.

Fans frustrated after Bills-Lions game interrupted by tornado coverage

Viewers in Houston were furious after a meteorologist broke into the broadcast during the nail-biting matchup.

A post-Thanksgiving storm could make for messy travel in the Eastern U.S.

Heavy snow is falling in Texas, with a slug of moderate rainfall across the South.

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