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China threatens U.S. companies with sanctions following Trump’s WeChat ban

The Chinese government hasn’t named which companies would land on the “Unreliable Entities List,” but state media has previously mentioned Apple if relations with the U.S. continued to fray.

As Belarus’s Lukashenko cracks down harder, protesters regroup and fight on

Despite abductions and expulsions, activists — including many women — are holding their ground.

Moroccans protest Arab nations normalizing ties with Israel

Moroccans staged a protest outside parliament to denounce Arab countries’ agreements to normalize ties with Israel

AP PHOTOS: Italian grape harvest plows on through pandemic

Change can come slowly to Italy’s centuries-old wine industry, but the coronavirus pandemic has radically altered the path from vine to table in a matter of months, beginning with the fall harvest

China sends more warplanes as Taiwan honors late leader

China has sent 19 more warplanes toward Taiwan for the second day as the island’s leader, senior government officials and a high-level U.S. envoy have paid tribute to the man who led Taiwan’s transition to democracy, former President Lee Teng-hui

Pompeo visits Guyana hoping to shore up support on Venezuela

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has visited the small nation of Guyana looking to shore up support for Trump administration efforts to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and build ties with the booming oil producer

Thai protesters hold ambitious rally for democratic reforms

Protesters are gathering in Bangkok for the most ambitious rally so far in a pro-democracy campaign that has shaken up the government and Thailand’s conservative establishment

Canada opposition party head tests positive for coronavirus

The new leader of Canada’s main opposition party has tested positive for the coronavirus

Peru president survives impeachment vote amid virus turmoil

Peruvian President Mart�n Vizcarra has easily survived an impeachment vote after opposition lawmakers failed to garner enough support to oust the leader as the country copes with one of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks

Despair in Lebanon pushing some to flee to Europe in boats

Hundreds of Lebanese are fleeing miserable conditions in their country on migrant ships hoping to start a new life in Europe

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