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Emma Studd Separation

This print by Emma Studd! Wow!

♥ / See Design Travel Pouches

A big thank you to See Design Shop for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. See Design Travel Pouches are stylish and functional. They come in multiple sizes and are designed to help organize all of your essentials from cosmetics, to keys, wallet, cords, chargers, art supplies… They are made from 100% high-quality, heavy-weight cotton canvas...

What You See

“It’s not what you look for that matters, it’s what you see.” — Henry David Thoreau

Link Pack

This Shitt’s Creek scene made me laugh so hard. – This week Jessica Hische taught a class on pricing out creative work. I have seen people raving about it all over the internet in how generous and useful it was. Jessica decided to put everything into a PDF and make it available for download. I wish I would have had this when I started out as a freelancer....

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told You When You Were a Kid?

In one sentence: What do you wish someone had told you when you were a kid? — Orange Book (@orangebook_) November 27, 2020

Stuck To The Job

“A diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to the job.” — Thomas A. Edison (via)

Ebb + Flow Knitted Blanket

I am loving the new ebb + flow collection by my friend Claudia Pearson. The knitted blanket won my heart especially.

Noboru Step Ladder

Noboru means ’to climb’ in Japanese and is a multifunctional step ladder. The lower step can slide in, taking up less space and turning the step ladder into a stool or side table. Lovely.

Cable Management Box

This is a sleek looking cable management box. Love the aesthetic of all things Yamazaki.

No Fixed Plans

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu (via)

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