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We take a step into the visually rich output of Khruangbin's new record, Mordechai

Although just released, Khruangbin's latest record has been a lengthy campaign of creative triumphs.

Mother creates a new global brand campaign for Stella Artois

The Life Artois is a new global campaign leaning on the drinks company’s long standing association with arts and film.

Eva Cremers is back, and this time she comes armed with an animated film for her wonderfully fun new website

The Dutch illustrator has created a fun 3D world that presents her work in a joyously fresh manner.

Universal Everything’s new app lets you transform a friend using AR

Called Super You, the app features 11 costumes and uses the latest in body tracking technology.

Family, community, diasporic cultures: Dawit N M weaves threads of life through photography

From 20 June to 16 August, the internationally acclaimed photographer is exhibiting The Eye That Follows at The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia.

Parents discuss bringing creativity into their children’s lives, even in a pandemic

The latest instalment in our Creative Parents series features Es Devlin, Ryan Gander, Meji Alabi, Leonie Bos and more, sharing their personal experiences and tips for making creative exploration part of their kids’ lives.

Marta Cerdà Alimbau on her expressive, trial-and-error approach to graphic design

Working between control and freedom, the Amsterdam-based designer refers to her practice as a “dance”.

From child actor to painter, Adebayo Bolaji discusses his instinctive and expressive practice

The London-based painter expounds on how his eclectic background in the arts has informed his striking painting practice today.

Hospitality brand TGIF – now named Fridays – launches a fun and colourful redesign

Working alongside branding agency SomeOne, the Fridays team have welcomed a modern update to the recognisable brand.

Government announces £1.57 billion in support of the arts sector

The rescue package has been described as a “game changer” that could save an industry on the brink of collapse. But questions around the details still remain.

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