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You can now adopt real-life dogs in the Metaverse

With Fosterverse, you can spot a 3D avatar of a Dachshund in Decentraland and adopt it in real life.

Looking for a career change? Discover roles at Acast, Omse and more

Plus, get guidance on embracing uncertainty and finding your feet at a new job in this week’s guide.

“You can take anything and turn it into a character”: Universal Everything on its Lifeforms exhibition

Rounding up December's Nicer Tuesdays event, Claire Cook – Universal Everything executive producer – took us on a tour through its interactive Lifeforms exhibition at 180 Strand.

&Walsh makes over friendship app Lex with stickers representing queer vernacular

Once an app for queer romance, Lex is repositioning as a place for connection with an identity themed around growth.

National Portrait Gallery rebrands with a monogram unearthed from the archive

Peter Horridge – typographer behind the crests for Liverpool FC and Liberty’s – designs the new monogram, reworking an 1893 sketch by the gallery’s first director.

Pay2Play gets tactile in a sleek, hand-tied brand identity for clothing label Déficeler

The minimalist branding aims to reinvigorate genuine interest in historic patterns, textiles and clothing, as opposed to using them as “commercial selling points”.

Totally Wired is an expansive book surveying the rich and melodic history of the music press

Published by Thames & Hudson, Totally Wired platforms the lesser known stars of the last 100 years of music journalism.

Move over dogs! Cats are a man’s best friend in Gomatsu’s illustrations

Using a mix of iPad and pencils, Gomatsu’s grainy illustrations show felines at their most loveable, silly and loyal.

In the 8-bit Baoverse app, it’s okay to play with your food

We catch up with Hato’s Ken Kirton and Bao co-founder Shing Tat Chung about another exciting food project, making dining more digital.

DesignStudio’s Eurostar Group rebrand is rooted in 90s rail design history

Following a merger last May, Eurostar Group overhauls its design with a modern take on its 1994 wordmark and historic star symbol.

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