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Pop & Pac’s fun and friendly packaging bucks Melbourne’s minimalist coffee scene

Coffee receipt-inspired, unpretentious and “quite literal”: Pop & Pac speaks about creating a coffee brand for everyone.

“Sometimes we save designers’ bacon!”: A discussion with Paul Barnes on the type industry today

It’s Nice That’s guest editor Richard Turley sits down with designer Paul Barnes for a discussion on the ever developing outputs of the type design industry.

Us vs Them: We welcome Richard Turley as the latest It’s Nice That guest editor

Over the next two weeks the creative director will share a series of articles and artists reflecting his opinion of the creative industry’s current landscape and how we move forward.

“Their work was a feeling, not an instruction”: A visual history of tomato, the era-defining collective of the 1990s

During the early ‘90s a group of artists, designers and musicians formed a collective studio, known only as tomato. In the years that followed, their experimental design approach led to era-defining work – always placing the process first.

All Purpose Studio on designing the tenth anniversary issue of LAW magazine

The studio gives us an insight into its experience of designing an issue that has been five years in the making.

Illustrator of over 100 New Yorker covers, Jean-Jacques Sempé dies aged 89

The artist behind the cherished children’s book series Le Petit Nicolas, Sempé also contributed countless New Yorker covers, each as gently characterful as the last.

Cool down with Lotte Cassidy’s drawings of London’s lidos and air-conditioned corner shops

As the heatwave continues, the illustrator offers a snapshot looking at the many ways people will be dealing with life in the swelteringly hot capital.

A dreamlike new film for Gucci stars an AI-equipped humanoid robot

Reimagining the ancient Japanese folktale of a bamboo cutter, director Makoto Nagahisa weaves diverse creative threads into an awe-inducing whole. We speak to composer Keiichiro Shibuya about the project.

The If You Could Jobs weekly: the mental and physical benefits of a four-day work week

As we continue our fortnight exploration of the four-day working week, the director at Cha Chaan Teng tells us how studio-wide Wednesdays off have boosted morale and sparked creativity.

Inspired by the sound of inflated balloons, this contact lens identity is spherical and fresh

Kilala, the leading coloured contact lens brand in China, calls in ReflexDesign for a bubbly overhaul of “a complicated product range”.

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