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Through considered natural light and delicate colours, Farhan Hussain tells his subjects’ authentic stories

The Indian photographer got his start documenting his sister’s wedding and has since built up a practice concerned with “understanding and respecting” those he photographs.

Leomi Sadler’s illustrations are all about “performances of wisdom, a sense of joy, and perseverance”

We catch up with the illustrator since our last chat with her in 2018 and discuss her latest Breakdown Press release, Tummy Bugs.

Robotic arms depict athletic motions in a Zen garden, in Jason Bruges’ Tokyo installation

The Constant Gardeners invites viewers to meditate on the potentially symbiotic relationship between nature and technology.

Meet the studio where cross-pollinated ideas overlap with a simple visual direction

Having worked at some of the UK’s most respected studios, Jason Wolfe and Luke Hall founded Wolfe Hall in 2019 as an exciting new challenge and a space for research-led, typographic excellence.

Director Eddie Alcazar on creating the Cannes-approved animated short The Vandal

We talk to the director on the creative process behind a unique film which has attracted attention from Darren Aronofsky and Steven Soderbergh,

Joel Meyerowitz takes a cue from Renaissance art for new Jil Sander campaign

The photographer revered for his street portraits of 60s New York City injects his love of colour into the brand’s fall/winter 2021 campaign.

Fair Art Fair is a ‘match-making’ app connecting artists to art buyers

Gallery founder Stacie McCormick talks us through the motivations behind her new app which hopes to encourage an art world which is fair to artists, and which benefits both creators and consumers of art alike.

Jessica Gianelli uses photography to connect her own story with the stories of other women

Jessica tells us about two recent projects which demonstrate her belief that photography is a therapeutic medium, as well as a means for connection and introspection.

Rosa Sawyers’ calming animations are safe spaces to get lost in

Having picked up animation during the pandemic, Rosa found the practice offered her a chance to experiment after graduation.

Jony Ive and Prince Charles launch the Terra Carta Design Lab

A collaboration between the RCA, HRH The Prince of Wales and the former chief design officer of Apple, the initiative aims to show how the arts can create solutions to the climate crisis.

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