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The Weapons of Reason book marks the end of the magazine, at a time when “humanity is at a crossroads”

In the book’s foreword, Ideo’s Tim Brown urges that society must band together against the world’s complex problems, as it has done for Covid.

Cate Blanchetts (plural) and Nina Chanel Abney’s Imaginary Friend float above the Thames in AR art festival Unreal City

Billed as London’s biggest public festival of AR art, the 36 digital sculptures are arranged as a free walking tour along the Southbank.

Looney Tunes backgrounds take on a new life when curated by Beñat Iturbe Hualde

The Basque country TV writer and comedian tells us why he started collecting hundreds of background images from the American golden age animation series.

Express yourself: Unlocking a new side to your creative persona

What would your signature style look like in another medium? Two top illustrators Charlotte Mei and Olivia Twist discuss the importance of creative experimentation.

Typography is the root of graphic design – we should use it to be vocal

Tré Seals, the founder of diversity driven foundry Vocal Type, details how a broader design industry can only lead to a more inclusive field for creativity.

The Robin Hood approach: creatives who use their money, intel and network to help others

“Corporate work has taught me that design can be transformative” – we speak to four designers changing the system from the inside.

This book tells the story of club music across ten cities in Africa and Europe

Published by Spector Books, Ten Cities is an incredible compilation of text and imagery that investigates the “nocturnal practices” of clubbing, music and dance.

Alexander Coggin photographs a topsy-turvy year through the children in his life

Alexander has had to radically rethink his practice this year but he’s held onto his ability to express the oddities of every day life.

Giphy’s most-viewed gifs of the year reflect the global emotions of 2020

Virtual hugs, a dumpster fire and a guy throwing out his trash feature among the top 25 most popular gifs, each having been shared hundreds of millions of times.

Tickets available for Nicer Tuesdays December online!

The last edition of creative talks this year is taking place on Tuesday 15 December. Tune in to hear from the wonderful Geoff McFetridge, Deem Journal, Mayan Toledano and Clarice Tudor.

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