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New paintings from Yayoi Kusma’s iconic My Eternal Soul series will be exhibited this summer

The renowned Japanese artist has worked on an extension of her ongoing body of work and will exhibit them at galleries in London, New York and Tokyo.

Hannah Kim paints scenes from her past houses, an execution of memory, grief and joy

The Seoul-born and London-based artist moved house significantly in her past, which has now become the centre point to her alluring paintings.

“Reality can be a bit boring”: Nico Kartel’s photography is a form of escapism

Inspired by the plots and aesthetics of horror films, the New York-based photographer’s portfolio is suffused with cinematography.

Room Journal is a new architectural publication where each issue focuses on a different room, Issue 1 is the bathroom

Designed by Post Projects, Room Journal challenges a room’s boundaries and demarcations, both material and immaterial.

Jobs of the week from You Can Now, Away and Jones Knowles Ritchie!

Our weekly round-up of jobs posted on our sister site If You Could Jobs.

Eliana Marinari uses sfumato to paint fuzzy and dreamlike portraiture

The artist, who’s currently based in London, runs us through her blurry paintings and series titled A Familiar Stranger.

Sony World Photography Awards 2021 winner Craig Easton portrays an “authentic” Blackburn

Easton has won Photographer of the Year for his Bank Top project, documenting the tight-knit Blackburn communities described by mainstream media as “the most segregated in Britain”.

Brasilândia is a multidisciplinary platform for the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities of São Paulo

Founded by Kelton Campos Fausto and Iama Martinho, the duo provide creative work, structure and income for the people that live in the neighbourhood.

Zoopla’s rebrand visualises the “twists and turns” of buying a home

Co-created by brand consultancy Zag and the property platform’s in-house team, the new identity features a new word mark, typeface and graphic system based on the idea of “journey lines”.

The soft and melancholy atmospheres illustrated by Sun Bai

The Lille-based illustrator artistically draws out tensions between her still characters.

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