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How Truman Sold Americans on Going Hungry

In 1947, the United States sacrificed for the sake of a starving Europe.

Can a French Shipping Giant Make Marseille the Capital of the Mediterranean?

The Saadé family has raked in huge profits, turning CMA CGM into a strategic asset for Paris and a potential economic lifeline for France’s impoverished second city.

Adam Tooze: What the Adani Group’s Plunge Says About the Indian Economy

Fraud allegations caused $100 billion in losses for the conglomerate.

What in the World?

Test yourself on the week of Jan. 28: Czechs vote on a new president, Bolsonaro extends his Florida exile, and a Chinese balloon causes chaos.

How a Chinese Spy Balloon Blew Up a Key U.S. Diplomatic Trip

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a visit to Beijing in response to a suspected spy balloon over U.S. territory.

NATO Must Stand Up to Turkey’s Blackmail

Ankara has legitimate security concerns, but the alliance should firmly reject Erdogan’s transactional diplomacy when it comes to Swedish accession.

The 2023 Pacific Games Wrap Small Countries in Big-Power Struggles

A Solomon Islands-hosted sporting event has become part of a China-West tussle.

Russia’s Disastrous War Has Created an Opening in the Balkans

The West should remind Serbia not to hitch its wagon to a diminished Russia.

Germany’s Scholz Calls for a New Approach to the Lithium Rush

On a visit to South America, the chancellor pitched partnership rather than exploitation.

Britain Is Much Worse Off Than It Understands

Things weren’t nearly this bad in the 1970s—but the country’s leaders haven't grasped that yet.

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