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5 sustainability updates from 2022 that are good for you — and the Earth

Make the eco-friendly choice, the easy choice with updates you may have missed this year from Maps, Flights, Search and Pixel.

Gorillaz turn the world into a stage with augmented reality

The Gorillaz band re-invents the music video and concert going experience using ARCore Geospatial API.

New Maps updates to help you make the most of the holidays

More intuitive, sustainable, and accessible ways to explore and navigate during the holidays with Google Maps

13 surprising ways we've collected Street View imagery around the world

Here are 13 interesting ways we've collected Street View imagery, including filming on camelback, diving underwater and more.

New feature to help people navigate the energy crisis in Europe

Learn more about our new Search feature that helps people in Europe navigate the energy crisis this winter.

5 Google Maps tips for less stress this holiday season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Bustling shoppers, home-cooked meals and quality time with loved ones.Even with all this holiday cheer, the season can feel overwhelming. To help you save time, money and your sanity, here are five must-know Google Maps tips and tricks to navigate the busy holiday season with ease.Search for stops along your...

Kwentuhan: Sharing our stories this Filipino American History Month

A Q&A Filipino Googler Network Executive Sponsor celebrating Filipino American History Month

Search outside the box: How we're making Search more natural and intuitive

For over two decades, we've dedicated ourselves to our mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. We started with text search, but over time, we've continued to create more natural and intuitive ways to find information — you can now search what you see with your camera, or ask a question aloud with your...

New ways to make more sustainable choices

Search interest in terms like electric vehicles, solar energy and thrift stores reached new highs globally over the past year — suggesting that people are looking for ways to practice sustainability in their daily lives. That’s a trend we love to see.Averting climate change requires all of us to act. At Google, we aim to make our operations more sustainable...

4 new updates that make Maps look and feel more like the real world

Google Maps has always pushed the boundaries of what a map can do. Features like live traffic transformed how people get from point A to B, and insights like busyness information changed the way people make decisions about where to go. At Search On, we shared how we’re reimagining Google Maps yet again, with a visual and intuitive map that allows you...

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