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How we achieve privacy through innovation

In honor of Data Privacy Day, we describe how our new Protected Computing approach technically ensures the privacy and safety of your data.

GSEC Dublin: Two years of progress on content responsibility

A look back at two years of GSEC Dublin's engagements with civil society, researchers, academics and policymakers on content responsibility in Europe.

How to find Noto in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Sites

The Noto fonts in Google Workspace now support almost all living written languages

13 tips to help you read more books this year

Use different features from Google Books, Google Play, Android and more to read more books this year.

How AI is improving agriculture sustainability in India

A look at how AI can help agriculture and sustainable farming in India.

Get to know our privacy and data tools

Learn how Ad Manager can help you deepen relationships with your audiences, create insights, and activate your data to deliver relevant ads and boost revenue.

How the Google Books team moved 90,000 books across a continent

Google Books solved a challenging logistical journey shipping books from the National Library of Israel to Munich by sea freight.

Meet our Health Equity Research Initiative awardees

Researchers will receive Cloud credits, funding, Fitbit devices and Fitabase to support research to addresses critical health disparities

5 tips to stay safer online with Chrome

It’s important that you take steps to protect your online data. Use helpful Chrome tools like Privacy Guide, Safety Check and Google Password Manager.

5 tips to power your 2023 marketing strategy

In this post we recap the top recommendations from Google Marketing Platform for marketers going into 2023.

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