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Two years later: a baseline that drives up security for the industry

Royal Hansen, Vice President of Privacy, Safety and Security Engineering, Google Nearly half of third-parties fail to meet two or more of the Minimum Viable Secure Product controls. Why is this a problem? Because "98% of organizations have a relationship with at least one third-party that has experienced a breach in the last 2 years."In this post, we're...

Sun Dec 3, 2023 15:41
Improving Text Classification Resilience and Efficiency with RETVec

Elie Bursztein, Cybersecurity & AI Research Director, and Marina Zhang, Software Engineer Systems such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Play rely on text classification models to identify harmful content including phishing attacks, inappropriate comments, and scams. These types of texts are harder for machine learning models to classify because bad...

Wed Nov 29, 2023 19:23
Evolving the App Defense Alliance

Posted by Nataliya Stanetsky, Android Security and Privacy Team The App Defense Alliance (ADA), an industry-leading collaboration launched by Google in 2019 dedicated to ensuring the safety of the app ecosystem, is taking a major step forward. We are proud to announce that the App Defense Alliance is moving under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation,...

Wed Nov 8, 2023 16:01
MTE - The promising path forward for memory safety

Posted by Andy Qin, Irene Ang, Kostya Serebryany, Evgenii Stepanov Since 2018, Google has partnered with ARM and collaborated with many ecosystem partners (SoCs vendors, mobile phone OEMs, etc.) to develop Memory Tagging Extension (MTE) technology. We are now happy to share the growing adoption in the ecosystem. MTE is now available on some...

Tue Nov 7, 2023 20:56
Qualified certificates with qualified risks

Posted by Chrome Security team Improving the interoperability of web services is an important and worthy goal. We believe that it should be easier for people to maintain and control their digital identities. And we appreciate that policymakers working on European Union digital certificate legislation, known as eIDAS, are working toward this...

Fri Nov 3, 2023 20:39
More ways for users to identify independently security tested apps on Google Play

Posted by Nataliya Stanetsky, Android Security and Privacy Team Keeping Google Play safe for users and developers remains a top priority for Google. As users increasingly prioritize their digital privacy and security, we continue to invest in our Data Safety section and transparency labeling efforts to help users make more informed choices about...

Thu Nov 2, 2023 18:00

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