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GSEC Dublin: Two years of progress on content responsibility

A look back at two years of GSEC Dublin's engagements with civil society, researchers, academics and policymakers on content responsibility in Europe.

Calling all EU cybersecurity founders

Applications now open for the Google for Startups Growth Academy for Cybersecurity, announced last fall in Madrid for European startups

Insights from publishers across Central and Eastern Europe this year

Recap of activities underway with publishers across Central and Eastern Europe in 2022

Google News Showcase is launching in Slovenia

News Showcase gives participating publishers in Slovenia more ways to engage with readers by giving them a way to curate important news.

Two startup accelerators focused on climate change

Google for Startups is opening applications for two accelerator programs focused on climate change in North America and Europe.

The Accessibility Discovery Centre is open for collaboration

Google announces a new UK R&D centre, speech recognition app and £1m funding to address the challenges people with disabilities face.

New ways we're supporting Ukraine

Google announces new commitments and support for Ukraine

25 new startup recipients of the Ukraine Support Fund

Meet the third batch of Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund recipients. This funding aims to support the Ukrainian startup ecosystem.

In Brussels, Fighting Misinformation Online

Google, YouTube and partners are joining with European policymakers, organizations and media in Brussels to discuss tackling misinformation.

Celebrating the baguette with five bite-sized facts

The "La Baguette" experience on Google Arts & Culture features 2000+ images and 75+ stories from historians, French bakers and culinary experts celebrating the quintesse…

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