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9 Tips for Managing Crohn’s Disease Away from Home

Although exciting, moving away from home for the first time can also be a bit stressful for anyone. But when you have Crohn’s disease, a move might understandably cause even more anxiety. A move comes with a set of new responsibilities related to managing your chronic condition and general “adulting.” You’ll have to schedule doctor’s appointments,...

Fri Feb 23, 2024 20:40
Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? Here’s What to Expect

How much laser hair removal hurts depends on your pain tolerance and the part of the body being treated. Wanna laser your way to silky smooth legs or finally take a break from shaving your pits? NGL, it’s prob gonna hurt a bit. But just how much varies. Some compare it to rubber band snaps, while others say it’s more like being burned...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 09:54
Why Do Belly Buttons Smell? Causes and Treatments

Poor hygiene can lead to an unpleasant belly button odor. However, redness or swelling could indicate a more serious issue. Ever had an odor down there? Well, we’re actually talking about a different “down there.” Turns out your belly button can harbor some unpleasant aromas. Time to solve the mystery of your slightly smelly belly button so you...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 09:54
Wait, Should You Do Cardio Before or After Weights?

Most experts recommend at least a 5-min cardio warmup before lifting. But whether to do a full cardio sesh before or after weights depends on your goals. Which comes first, the cardio or the weights? TBH, neither route has been proven to be definitively better than the other. They both come with unique benefits. For the most part, research...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 09:24
Is Frozen Yogurt Healthy? Here's the Scoop!

Is froyo a healthier option with its lower calories and probiotics, or is ice cream the better choice? Ever since the popularization of frozen yogurt in the leg-warming, jazzercising 1980s, folks have been touting this soft-serve desert as a healthier alternative to ice cream. But froyo isn’t quite the same thing as sticking a tub of plain yogurt...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 08:22
Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable Down There? 9 Possible Reasons

Vaginal pain can be fleeting or a chronic issue. Its origins range from infections and injuries to hormonal changes and STIs. The cause of the pain guides treatment. Your vagina is prime real estate with many essential duties. So, paying attention is crucial when you feel an uncomfortable twinge down there. Yeast infections, endometriosis pain,...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 08:22

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