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Where to find continuing coverage of the environment at The Times.

An Addendum

Some longtime contributors to the Green blog will now be posting to the Caucus and Bits blogs instead, and they can be followed on Twitter.

A Blog’s Adieu

The New York Times is discontinuing the Green blog but plans to press on with aggressive energy and environment coverage.

Q and A: The Angry Economist

Because of its natural gas boom, the United States is ahead of Europe in fixing climate change, the Oxford economist Dieter Helm argues.

A Snapshot of Drilling on a Park’s Margins

A photographer seeks to drive home the proximity of fracking to Glacier National Park.

Fracking Under a Historic Farm

A Pennsylvania property owned by an African-American family for eight generations will be restored and preserved with drilling proceeds.

On Our Radar: Asian Dust and California Snow

Even when two storm systems in the Sierra Nevada carry the same amount of water vapor, scientists found, the presence of dust from Asia in one will cause far more precipitation.

Some Far Out (at Least for Now) Energy Ideas

Researchers present intriguing concepts for turning sunlight into fuel, developing flat gas tanks and smoothing the flow of power to the grid.

On Our Radar: Shipping Paths Redrawn Off Alaska

Melting ice has opened or widened so many corridors that NOAA has prepared new charts.

European Climate Official Urges Keystone XL Veto

Killing a 1,700-mile pipeline intensely opposed by the environmentally minded would send "a very, very interesting global signal,” Connie Hedegaard says.

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