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The airlines don't need a safety net

 ...says Roger Lowenstein.

Economics Teaching Conferences

Readers of this blog might be interested in the annual conference of NETA, the National Economics Teaching Association, sponsored by Cengage, the publisher of my principles text. This year, the conference is October 22-23, virtual, and free. I will be speaking at 11 am on the 23rd. You can get information about the event by clicking here.Also, a week...

Econofact Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Michael Klein for the Econofact podcast. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Call me 3380

Here is a website that uses some sort of computer algorithm to measure academic influence. Here is a ranking of most influential academics of all time. Aristotle, Darwin, Plato, Einstein, Marx, and Newton top the list. (I am number 3380.) Here is an article about recently influential economists.

Immunology, meet economics

Click here to read my column in this Sunday's New York Times.

Comparing Two Recessions: Update

 The number of permanent job losses is rising but still nowhere near the level in 2008-2009. (Click on graphic to enlarge.)

An Excellent Idea

From Robert Litan: Once a Covid vaccine is approved, pay people to take it. 

Teaching the Covid-19 Recession

This summer I have been working to prepare the manuscript for the 11th edition of my intermediate macroeconomics textbook, which will be available next year. Of course, the new edition will include a discussion of the current economic downturn and the policy response to it. To help those teaching undergraduate-level macroeconomics this year, I have...

News from Amazon

Thank you all. Have a great semester!

A comparison I never expected

"It would be like listing the five top guitarists from the 1960s and not including Jimi Hendrix."

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