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Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day


Some marking people just don't understand that people hate ads not because they aren't targeted, they hate them because they are fucking ads.The only time I've ever enjoyed ads are when I would read Byte magazine as a kid. That didn't mean everywhere I went I wanted to see ads for 16K of memory being as low as $795.

Delores Open Alpha/Beta Testing...

We've started doing some open alpha/beta testing for Linux Delores. If you run Linux and are interested in helping out, visit the Thimbleweed Park Forums Linux Test TopicThanks!

Time Fly docs?

I went and looked through my old design notebooks and found these. I don't know if they are related to Time Fly or not. Some of the dates I used for "present" are 1990? That would have put it right before or during Monkey Island 1. I wish I would have put dates on my old design docs.

Time Fly

Noah recently sent me a photo of an old Lucasfilm Games design doc of mine. I don't know when I wrote this. After Maniac Mansion but probably before Monkey Island.

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook:I am not on Facebook. Anyone on Facebook claiming to be Ron Gilbert and a game developer is impersonating me. It's frustrating because my friends think they are following me. They are not.

30 years ago today...

Thirty years ago today I made the final gold masters for Monkey Island.Some notes about these.These are the final source backups I made when the game left test and the gold masters were sent off.They are labeled 1.1 because the game got bounced out of test during the final two weeks and so the version got bumped when it went back in.For the younger...

This is disappointing

Well, this is disappointing.

The Muse

"The Muse visits during the act of creation, not before. Don't wait for her. Start alone." - Roger EbertOne of my favorite quotes and one I keep needing to remind myself of. No matter how blocked or stuck I am, if I just force myself to start writing or designing, it's not long before the ideas start flowing.


After posting the Delores code, I read a comment from someone who lambasted me for not using compliant JSON for the .wimpy and other data files.They are 100% right, I did not use compliant JSON for those or any of my JSON-like files.JSON was created by Doug Crockford, whom I worked with at Lucasfilm. Doug is a super smart guy and JSON is one of the...

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