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When I Made Another Monkey Island

Nine years ago I wrote a blog post titled "If I made another Monkey Island" and it feels like there are some things I need to say. I can't remember the exact incident, but the day I wrote that I was feeling down about never being able to make another Monkey Island. I wrote it in a single afternoon, and it was not much more than a stream of thoughts....

Return to Monkey Island

I felt bad about the April Fools' joke so over the weekend I whipped up the game so no one was disappointed.

April Fools' 2022

For 18 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been April Fools' day free because it's a stupid tradition. So to mix things up a little I'm taking this opportunity to announce I've decided to make another Monkey Island.

Signed Stuff

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME STUFF TO AUTOGRAPH WITHOUT ASKING FIRST. IT WILL NOT BE SIGNED OR RETURNED TO YOU. Due to the amount of work I have, I go through spurts of being able to sign and autograph items sent to me so please ask before you send something. If you don't it may not be returned to you. Postage is tricky, so whatever it cost you to...


Contact Please do not send me a wall of text. I get a lot Contact emails everyday and I want to read them all, but I stop reading after 2 paragraphs. Sorry. Please do not send me links to games you‘ve made that you want me to play. I get a lot of those and I don't have time to look at them all. Please do not ask if I have Lucasfilm games you can...


The CORVID-19 edition

Speaking with a friend the other day and I was talking about how being confided to my house doesn't really change my life or my work too much. I suppose that a sad reflection on my life. I just don't go out much. I'm a life-long introvert, so I don't crave the company of groups or a wild social life. I have a few very close friends and we continue...



Well, it's 2022 and everything is turning out exactly as I predicted back when I was 7. Self-driving cars, space stations, the internet. Nailed it. Favorite TV show of 2021 was Only Murders in the Building. Favorite game of 2021 was Loop Heroes. Favorite book of 2021 was Einstein's Fridge. Favorite rediscovered joy of 2021 was reading physical...

Lego Report 8

That didn't take long to fix and rebuild. I don't know what is taking the city of Rome so long. Start to finish, it took just over a year. I blame Limited Run Games.

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