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7000 Signatures later...

Last month I finally got done signing over 7000 cards for the Limited Run Games physical release of Monkey Island. They asked if I would hand sign cards to go in the boxes. Sure, how many can that be? 500? 800? Nope. They had over 7000 preorders and I signed every one of those cards. If you bought one of the LRG Monkey Island boxes you won't...

How to make your own game engine

At first I was going to just copy/paste his article and call it my own then I realized that is kind of a dick move. How to make your own game engine (and why) by Tyler Glaiel Well worth a read. In my 35+ year career in games I've never used an off the shelf game engine. Starting with SCUMM I've always build my own. I love the power and the freedom....

I'm tried of dystopia fiction

Yes, I'm tired of dystopia fiction. A sentiment I probably didn't need to repeat because it's in the title, but I really am. Nothing points this out more to me than Star Trek. In a Star Trek vs. Star Wars internet argument I am firmly in the Star Trek camp and this is with eight years of working at The Death Star Lucasfilm (I kid, working at Lucasfilm...


I've decided to go back on Twitter but with a few changes: I unfollowed everyone. I will only post once (or maybe twice) a week. I only check twitter once every 1 or 2 days. I will only post positive things and mostly about game dev. I will not add rubbish to the Twitter dumpster fire. I used to follow 200+ people and now I follow 0. I apologize...

Happy Birthday ScummVM

I wrote Scumm and I don't think I could do what they did. Respect. Happy Birthday ScummVM

Favorite Puzzle

Chatting with a game designer friend the other day and we were bemoaning the state of adventure game puzzles and it got us talking. So I was wondering what is your favorite puzzle in Thimbleweed Park, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island or any other classic point-and-click game? Do you like head scratchers? What makes a puzzle good? What makes a puzzle...

Commodore Assemblers

This series on Commodore's Assemblers from is giving me flashbacks to hacking out GraphicsBASIC in my childhood bedroom. Good times.

Guild of Dungeoneering

I loved this game... all I want is for it to be on the Switch.


Jason Snell is confusing pride with arrogance I have largely given up on Apple. Once one of it's stanchest supporters I no longer "believe" (I'm also rewatching X-Files). Apple has a massive disrespect for its customers. They cram things down our throats and call it "security". P.S. I would use the word "control". The App Store is a f-ing mess....

Judith Lucero

It is with great sadness that I found out that Judith Lucero passed away. Judith was the lead tester on Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2 as well as a vast number of other Lucasfilm games. She was the one who taught me the importance of testers and how they are a critical gear in the machinery that makes up making a game. Testers aren't just unit...

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