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Commodore Assemblers

This series on Commodore's Assemblers from is giving me flashbacks to hacking out GraphicsBASIC in my childhood bedroom. Good times.

Guild of Dungeoneering

I loved this game... all I want is for it to be on the Switch.


Jason Snell is confusing pride with arrogance I have largely given up on Apple. Once one of it's stanchest supporters I no longer "believe" (I'm also rewatching X-Files). Apple has a massive disrespect for its customers. They cram things down our throats and call it "security". P.S. I would use the word "control". The App Store is a f-ing mess....

Judith Lucero

It is with great sadness that I found out that Judith Lucero passed away. Judith was the lead tester on Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2 as well as a vast number of other Lucasfilm games. She was the one who taught me the importance of testers and how they are a critical gear in the machinery that makes up making a game. Testers aren't just unit...

Apple and Privacy

If Apple really cared about iOS privacy they would give the user to ability to block any app from reaching the internet. A lot of the iOS apps I used have no need to ping the internet but they all do to gather metrics and do who-knows-what. Rather than create a complex and unenforceable privacy policy Apple should just let users block the app from...

April Fools' 2021

For going on 17 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been and always will be April Fools' day free. Stay strong.

Today's Sudoku

Thimbleweed Park Forums are down

The Thimbleweed Park Forums seem to be down (or at least inconsistently down). I moved the DNS to a new server and it seems to have broken them. Top people are working on it.

Good Riddance

Lego Report 4

Making progress. I expected to be farther along but New Years has taken more time away than I wanted and tomorrow it's back to work. This thing is way over engineered. Lost of small sub-pieces like this: But the more I put it together the more I realize that it's actually engineered for "fun". The whole thing could have been constructed a lot...

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