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Static website converter?

Does anyone know a good tool that can convert a dynamic website into a static website?The Thimbleweed Park blog was built using PHP and a MongoDB database and it's quite complex. The website won't ever change and I like to turn it into a static site so I can host the files somewhere else and can shut down the server.Ideally it would be a tool that...

Bad Apples


I offer you $100 each.Cash. Small bills. Clean serial numbers.

Camera Code

Camera code is really hard. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Writing camera code that is technically correct is easy. Writing camera code that feels right is really hard. You will spend the entire duration of your project tweaking your camera code to make it feel right. You will never be happy with it.

Delores Source Code Released!

Oh crap!I accidentally pushed the wrong button and made the Delores source code available on GitHub.I guess there is no putting Delores back in the bottle now...(wait for laughter)I'm only half kidding.(wait for Todd in the third row, who laughs at anything, to stop laughing)I did publish all the source code to Delores on GitHub, but it wasn't an accident....

Why do I own I own a lot of stupid URLs.


I know you'll hate me for saying this, but Python is a mess. I love programming in Python, but holy crap-a-reno is dealing with all the modules a pain-in-the-ass-a-who. Then python 3 came out. Now I have a complete mess of modules on my machine. I have some modules that are system wide and others that are install just for me. I have no idea how...

Delores Podcast

Back by court order, it's the Last Thimbleweed Park Post + 1.Today, David and I chat about the new Delores game.

Delores AMA podcast

Succumbing to overwhelming requests, we've decide to record a special Delores podcast.Also realizing that we're really bad at figuring out what to say, we've decided to make it a AMA podcast. But it's not just me doing it, so it more "us", so it's really a AUA podcast. And when I say "anything" I really mean anything about the new Delores game. So,...

Right-click to Skip Dialog

Much like when TWP launched, people have been asking for right-click to skip dialog in Delores. I've really pushed back on doing this for one reason: It's too damn easy.During the TWP playtests, I watch players right-click to skip dialog so fast that it didn't even register something came on the screen. Then a bit later they would be confused. I'd...

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