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April Fools' 2021

For going on 17 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been and always will be April Fools' day free. Stay strong.

Today's Sudoku

Thimbleweed Park Forums are down

The Thimbleweed Park Forums seem to be down (or at least inconsistently down). I moved the DNS to a new server and it seems to have broken them. Top people are working on it.

Good Riddance

Lego Report 4

Making progress. I expected to be farther along but New Years has taken more time away than I wanted and tomorrow it's back to work. This thing is way over engineered. Lost of small sub-pieces like this: But the more I put it together the more I realize that it's actually engineered for "fun". The whole thing could have been constructed a lot...

Monkey Island with Various Sound Cards

Lego Report 3

I didn't get as much done today as I wanted due to having to "work". I put "work" in quotes because I make games and is that really work? My college adviser didn't think it was. I'm also assuming, much like Ikea furniture, it's ok to have left over parts. I'm sure the builders of the ancient coliseum had this same issue. A couple of left over...

Lego Report 2

Almost done. Much like making a game, it's just polish from here on out.

Lego Report 1

The lego kit is packaged in four different boxes that need to be completed in order. I was relived to see this. It keeps the 9000+ piece set from being completely overwhelming. The pieces come in numbered bags and each step of the instructions tell you what bag you'll need. Wish me luck.


Look what I bought myself for xmas: It's Lego's largest set. As a kid I played with and build Lego's non-stop. I'm sure it's like riding a bike. I'll post regular picture of my progress.

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