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How Should US Bank Regulators Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis?

Instead of the "watchful waiting" approach taken by US bank regulators to the pandemic crisis, they should use their prudential authorities to encourage banks to increase their equity capital. This is effectively a way of buying low-cost insurance against adverse scenarios that have become more likely.

It’s Time to Reset Decision-Making in Your Organization

Clear decision-making in a crisis depends on sound methodology and gathering information from a variety of sources. Advice from Boris Groysberg and Sarah Abbott.

Inventing the Endless Frontier: The Effects of the World War II Research Effort on Post-War Innovation

Investments made in World War II by the United States Office of Scientific Research and Development powered decades of subsequent innovation and the take-off of regional technology hubs around the country.

Market Investors Pay More for Resilient Companies

During a market collapse, investors will pay up for companies considered resilient in their response, according to George Serafeim.

Predictable Financial Crises

This paper estimates the probability of financial crises as a function of past credit and asset price growth. Findings favor the Kindleberger-Minsky view of credit cycles and financial crises, which argues for more proactive measures in macro-financial policy.

COVID-19 and the Workplace: Implications, Issues, and Insights for Future Research and Action

Assembling a large, diverse team of researchers to make sense of COVID-19’s impact on issues of work and organizational psychology, this project explores changes that are unfolding for practitioners and human resources professionals.

SmileDirect Looks Beyond Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

The Right Way to Manage Churn for Maximum Profit

Many companies actively manage customer churn but aren't seeking out the best customers to retain, warns Sunil Gupta.

Inflation with COVID Consumption Baskets

Examining the impact that changes in expenditure patterns are having on the measurement of consumer price indices (CPI) inflation in 17 countries, this study finds that the cost of living for the average consumer is higher than estimated by the official CPI. This implies that real consumption is falling more quickly over time.

Social Interactions in Pandemics: Fear, Altruism, and Reciprocity

An empirical analysis of 89 cities worldwide shows that partial or targeted lockdown policies to combat a pandemic are efficient only when it is possible to identify infected individuals.

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