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What Does an ESG Score Really Say About a Company?

A key gauge in the $30 trillion sustainable investment market provides a murky picture of corporate social responsibility. Research by Anywhere Sikochi and George Serafeim probes the underlying factors.

Why Bankruptcy Spells Death for Too Many Businesses

Hasty liquidations cost creditors billions of dollars a year, research by Samuel Antill finds. What if more bankrupt companies were restructured—and revived—instead?

For Entrepreneurs, the Benefits of Slowing Down

After several heady months for startups, Jeffrey Bussgang offers radical advice for founders this summer: just chill.

Strategies for Underdogs: How Alibaba’s Taobao Beat eBay in China

Hate Spreads Faster on Twitter: Evidence from 44 News Outlets

When it comes to social sharing, doom-and-gloom tweets beat sunshine and rainbows, says research by Amit Goldenberg. Is it time to send in the positivity police?

Good News for Disgraced Companies: You Can Regain Trust

Companies skilled at building trust focus on four key elements, say Sandra Sucher and Shalene Gupta in their book, The Power of Trust.

Do Companies Really Need Chief Experience Officers to Know Their Customers?

Does it take a CXO or chief customer officer to bring executives closer to the customer experience? James Heskett ponders the value of this increasingly popular role.

Readers Ask: Which Companies Are Transforming Work?

Joseph Fuller answers readers' questions about automation, virtual internships, and the future of work on Working Knowledge’s “Office Hours” series.

The Harvard Business School Faculty Summer Reader 2021

Looking for your next beach read? HBS faculty members share their summer reading lists, pulling from the worlds of technology, history, and science fiction.

Procter & Gamble’s Lean Innovation Transformation

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