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How Teams Work: Lessons from the Pandemic

How will COVID-19 change collaboration? Leslie Perlow and Ashley Whillans explore the tactics that helped and hindered newly remote teams in 2020.

Currency Hedging in Emerging Markets: Managing Cash Flow Exposure

Economies with less liquid foreign exchange derivative markets offer firms fewer options to hedge their currency risk. Given the limitations of natural hedging, these firms are more exposed to systemic risk.

The World Management Survey at 18: Lessons and the Way Forward

With a dataset of 13,000 firms and 4,000 schools and hospitals spanning more than 35 countries, the World Management Survey provides a systematic measure of management practices used in organizations. This paper gives an overview of lessons learned and a management policy toolkit for policymakers.

Disrupting the Waste Industry with Technology

Why Can’t More Leaders Teach?

If the best leaders tend to be great teachers, why do some successful executives struggle to share their knowledge? What does this shortcoming say about their leadership? asks James Heskett.

Salary Negotiations: A Catch-22 for Women

Too assertive or too nice? New research from Julian Zlatev probes the lose-lose dynamics that penalize women in negotiations and perpetuate gender inequity.

Kidney Exchange: An Operations Perspective

Kidney exchange has become a standard form of transplantation in the United States and a few other countries in part because of exchange process improvements. However, much more needs to be done: There are still many more patients in need of transplants than can be saved.

Whose Job Is It Anyway? Co-Ethnic Hiring in New US Ventures

The impact of immigration has been particularly sharp in entrepreneurship, yet there is remarkably little evidence about how immigration in the workplace connects to the creation and scaling of new firms. The economic consequences of greater workplace and entrepreneurial diversity deserve closer attention.

Commuting Kills Productivity and Your Best Talent Suffers Most

Companies that prize innovation should keep employees out of soul-crushing transit, even after the COVID-19 pandemic, suggests new research by Andy Wu.

Steer Clear of the Blind Spots That Derail Experiments

Companies are testing everything from website features to compensation strategies, but five common mistakes can undermine their efforts, says Michael Luca.

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