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Every Framework Everywhere All at Once

#​665 — November 30, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Eliminating JS Framework Lock-in with Web Components? — Can you build an app where each component is using a different framework? Amazingly, yes. Web components aren't new but are 'having a moment' and Jake demos an interesting, if contrived,...

Thu Nov 30, 2023 18:24
The unbearable weight of massive JavaScript

#​664 — November 23, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Time to Take the State of JavaScript 2023 — The long standing State of JavaScript survey is back for another run at figuring out what the community is up to and what tools we’re using. The results are always illuminating and we’ll share the...

Thu Nov 23, 2023 18:51
Digging into explicit resource management

#​663 — November 16, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Prettier 3.1 Released — The popular opinionated code formatter has a new release including support for the new control flow syntax in Angular 17 plus a new, experimental formatting option for ternary expressions (as in x ? y : z) explained...

Thu Nov 16, 2023 18:25
Angular is back

#​662 — November 9, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Reintroducing Angular with Angular v17 — Angular first appeared in the shape of AngularJS in 2010 and helped launch a wave of large-scale JavaScript frameworks. Angular remains popular in many use cases but is often overlooked in favor of...

Thu Nov 9, 2023 18:55
Big news for both Next.js and Remix

#​661 — November 2, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Next.js 14 Released — Unveiled at last week’s Next.js Conf, v14 caused a lot of community discussion (not least on Hacker News), largely surrounding Server Actions being declared stable and the 'backend-meets-frontend' opportunities this opens...

Thu Nov 2, 2023 19:41
Web Components forever?

#​660 — October 26, 2023 Read on the Web JavaScript Weekly Transformers.js 2.7: ML for the Web, Now with Text-to-Speech — Transformers.js provides access to machine learning models directly in the browser for all sorts of tasks and v2.7 introduces audio generation (live demo.) The Web Speech API remains...

Thu Oct 26, 2023 19:35

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