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Plan S in Latin America: a precautionary note

A preprint worth reading. Abstract Latin America has historically led a firm and rising Open Access movement and represents the worldwide region with larger adoption of Open Access practices. Argentina has recently expressed its commitment to join Plan S, an initiative from a European consortium of research funders oriented to mandate...

Reforming Scholarly Publishing

Jon Tennant (@protohedgehog) published a very nice commentary on my piece in Issues in Science and Technology.

Plan S and the Democratization of Knowledge

Issues in Science and Technology just published a piece I penned a while back on Plan S. The point of the piece is to question the extent to which Plan S is in line with the Open Science ideal of democratizing knowledge production and use. Despite the steady progress that has been made over the decades, many [Open Access] OA advocates have become frustrated...

‘Plan S’ and turmoil in scholarly publishing

A good summary of many different positions on Plan S from Oxford Brookes University. BrookesOA Dan Croft~ In early September 2018 a number of European national research funders – including our own UKRI – joined together into cOAlition S to announce a bold new set of Open Access requirements for how the research they fund must be published....

Feedback on guidance on implementation of Plan S

The public was given the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft implementation guidance on Plan S. We were asked to provide answers to two questions. Here they are, along with my responses. Is there anything unclear or are there any issues that have not been addressed by the guidance document? The guidance suggests, “CC BY 4.0 demands that...

The humanities do not need a replication drive

From the fact that a small portion of research in the humanities may be replicable, it does not follow that all research in the humanities ought to be replicable. A post on the CWTS Leiden Blog, written with Bart Penders and Sarah de Rijcke. If you’d like a PDF, you can visit Humanities Commons.

Concerning CC BY mandates, part 2

In my last post, I addressed those who fail to understand why anyone would object to funders mandating CC BY licenses for all publications that result from research they support. There, I made a distinction between those who support CC BY mandates because they fail to understand objections to CC BY and those who fully understand the objections but support...

Draft “Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S” fails to alleviate concerns about CC BY

Earlier this week, cOAlition S released its draft Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S, which retains the requirement that publications resulting from cOAlition S funding be licensed under terms laid out in the Berlin Declaration. For scholarly articles the public should be granted a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to...

Open Reflections: OpenCon 2018

So good to see folks connecting research, education, and a concern to avoid injustice! The Future is Inclusion Critical Openness At OpenCon 2018, attendees built upon inclusive practices in open education and open research. Denisse Albornoz, an OpenCon alum, a Research Associate for the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network and...

If you take the red pill, Plan S will show you the way to academic freedom

As readers of this blog and a few people on Twitter know, I’ve been talking a lot recently about academic freedom, especially as it relates to Plan S. In case anyone wants to explore the blog or things I’ve published, they’ll see three things: 1) I generally argue against the idea that Open Access (OA) mandates infringe upon academic freedom; 2) I am...

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