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Happy Firecracker Day

  I hope everyone did their patriotic duty by blowing up all their old toys like we did when we were kids in the 60s.

Happy Father's Day!

  Hi Dad I thought you'd like to see some of the nice photos I scanned for you from your side of the family.   Missy before and after years of intense workouts.  After the morning workout. Have a great Father's Day!

Marker Line Drawings

Here's some stuff from this morning. If you'd like more of the cartoon character drawings or own one (not the republican caricatures) click below.

New Paper

Just as I was getting used to my slippery newsprint I ran out. Now I have another kind of paper which is very toothy and I have to get used to that.   Toothy Whitebread Paper  This paper resists my marker tip and makes my doodles look scratchy and unkempt.  ...starting to get used to it... Slippery Newsprint Paper...

Fan Mail 2 - Protect Your toy and Art Collection

Irony of Ironies. The very day I asked folks to please not send their valuables to me personally in the mail someone mailed me these. And a request for a free custom drawing on fancy-ass canvas (which dealers like to ask for so they can resell it). At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon (which I sort of am) I'd just like to remind...

West Point Graduation Speech

Anyone watch today?  Boy, he's getting funnier looking every day. And thicker.  Swayback. The Cadets looked sharp though. I think I am finally getting used to this overly processed paper. I have to use a more controlled speed of my line strokes cause the paper is so slippery.  Speaking of funny looking...  

Drawing Rut so Coloring Instead

My drawings lately lack inspiration so I thought I'd take some old marker sketches and color them for a change of pace. Here's one in progress:   Just to prove my drawing is rusty here are some of the current crop of crap:   I've been watching a lot of nature shows and freeze framing them to study some animals more closely to see if...

Elephants and Lions

I was watching a nature show about India the other day and drew some quick sketches of elephants while eating breakfast.   My realistic drawings are admittedly primitive but they give me a jumping off point from where I can create more cartoony versions. Here's some half-way:  And some in a 60s TV sort of style: ...

Fan Mail

Thanks for your letters I’d like to thank you for the abundant fan mail I get in the mail.    I like reading the letters and apologize for not being able to answer every one directly. Save your art and souvenirs May I suggest that if you do send mail that you don’t include art or other stuff that you’d like returned because like...

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