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 Here are some slightly cartoonier primate sketches from this morning.

sketches from zoo shows - focus on primates

Now that the crazy man is gone, the news has been boring so I now watch a lot of zoo shows in the morning and like to sketch the animals (and some of the people too).Here are some of our closest relatives. Naturalists are among my heroes. So are prosimians.Here are some kids at the zoo about to meet a tame flying wombat or something. 

Some Color Stuff

Here's a faux UPA-ish sort of family. And the original sketch.And an alternate for purple fans.  An alien evolved from jellyfish. Mr. Toastman and StinkyAnd speaking of color, there are some new stickers available: and a deluxe pack of Binto Blop and Aliens:

Negative Space Exercises

 I sometimes doodle characters with the idea of using negative space between them. Negative space in general makes things read more clearly and it also helps me with character design. After I draw one character on a page I try to make the next one fit into the negative spaces of the other one's silhouette.  The more characters I draw on the page the...


 Here are some variations on Ed Benedict's designs. Skype/Zoom styleYou ever notice how weird people look when they video call you? It's like a fish eye lens. Everything closest to the camera is big. I tried to capture it a bit in cartoon drawings:


 I've been coloring up some of my dog designs. To put on stickers and stuff.   I put a bunch of 'em on some boots.And a couple of them so far on T Shirts.I've also started on some inbred kitties which will be stickers soon and probably shirts and other crap. I'm still fooling around with markers and prismacolors.And eating a lot of bacon.Whenever I...

the Miracle of Head Shapes

I'm constantly amazed by the infinite variety of head shapes in the world. Just on the morning news I see a ton of interesting and sometimes bizarre assortment each day.There are some interesting body shapes too.The guy below peering over Trump's shoulder has one of my favorite heads, though I didn't quite capture it here. I made his hair line too low....

Marker, Prismacolor Drawings In Progress

 Here's what they look like finished

More News Heads

Marker Cards 8.5x11

More Here:  

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