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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Review

I played Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Overall, I want to first say: it’s really cool! In general, I liked it. Here’s a list of pros and cons. Also, I’ve decided to make this article SPOILER FREE so please feel free to read it. My two most important takes PRO: The charm. The charm of this game is off the charts and is the main thing that makes me love...

Sun Apr 28, 2024 21:53
5 things that make Spellstorm really cool

The Kickstarter has LAUNCHED! Make sure to go check it out, and spread the word! You might be wondering, “hey wait a second… why should I care about Spellstorm?” Here’s five reasons. Reason #1: Beautiful, charming artwork The art in this game is by Christina Zhong, and it is full of personality and color. Here’s a handful of paintings that are on...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 06:59
The Spellstorm Kickstarter is LIVE!

I realized I haven’t actually posted about it since it went live, but the Kickstarter for SPELLSTORM is now live! Please spread the link around and show your support, here:

Fri Apr 19, 2024 22:00
Spellstorm’s Breakthrough Rule

While it is occasionally possible to have a design come together right away, there are times when you need to toil over a design for some time before something changes, and only then will the system start to shine. Many times, this change comes in the form of a breakthrough rule that unlocks the potential of a system. With the Kickstarter right around...

Mon Apr 15, 2024 06:57
Spellstorm Character Profiles: Croh Vosh

Narratively speaking, Croh Vosh is probably the most important character in the game. At the end of Gem Wizards Tactics, the Omni-Gem was destroyed. This was a great thing for those battling the oppressive occupation of the Business Demons on the western continent, which had largely been enabled by the Omni-Gem’s magic. Eve Williams and Derby Pocket...

Tue Apr 9, 2024 09:44
Spellstorm Character Profiles: Bunny Wizard

With the Kickstarter right around the corner, today I’d love to introduce you to my favorite friend in the Spellstorm cast: Bunny Wizard! Bunny is a very positive and optimistic guy.   Bunny’s Story One day, Bunny Wizard was flying around in a fancy new automated blimp. He was headed to see a concert in Goldenbridge when the blimp he was on took...

Fri Apr 5, 2024 06:45

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