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Will 2022 Be a Banner Year for Real Estate?

Low interest rates and work-from-home trends bode well this year for home building and prices, but much depends on how the Federal Reserve responds to rising inflation, says Wharton’s Susan Wachter.

How Data Analytics Can Help Advance DEI

During a Leading Diversity@Wharton event, Wharton’s Stephanie Creary spoke with experts about how increasing access to accurate data can help drive changes in DEI policies.

How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Daily planning can help employees feel in control and more engaged at work. But the best type of planning depends on their role and environment, explains Wharton management professor Michael Parke.

How Risk-shifting by Underperforming Funds Distorts Stock Prices

Intense competition for investor flows drives managers of laggard mutual funds towards overvalued risky stocks, recent research finds.

What’s Ahead for the U.S. Economy in 2022

Stock prices will keep climbing this year but slow their pace, and interest rate increases are overdue, says Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel.

How Science Can Help You Keep Your Fitness Goal

Wharton’s Katy Milkman shares insights from a new megastudy on exercise that reveals the best ways to change behavior at scale.

Falling Flat: Why Startups Need Hierarchical Structure

A new study from Wharton's Saerom (Ronnie) Lee pushes back against the popular view that startups work best without a hierarchical management structure.

Pandemic Bankruptcies: How Firms Can Emerge Stronger

Careful planning can position firms for transformational growth once they emerge from bankruptcy, write Wharton’s Christopher Ittner and his co-authors.

How Interest Rates Will Temper Stock Values in 2022

Investors in 2022 will have a wider range of options beyond the stock market, says Wharton’s Itay Goldstein.

The Leader’s Checklist for Board Directors

In this Nano Tool for Leaders, Wharton's Michael Useem offers guidance on how to evaluate a board’s performance regarding pressing strategic and leadership issues.

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