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Can Election Polls Be Trusted?

Predictive analytics are invaluable in business, but they have proven faulty in politics. Wharton’s Abraham (Adi) Wyner shares three reasons why election poll results don’t always match the outcome, especially in presidential races.

A Breakdown of the Biden Policy Platform: Five Key Takeaways

A Penn Wharton Budget Model analysis of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden’s policy platform finds that his proposals would increase spending over the next decade by $5.37 trillion, but in the long run would reduce the federal debt and boost GDP.

Employee Engagement: Making a Difference

In this Nano Tool for Leaders® from Wharton Executive Education, Wharton’s Adam Grant sheds light on a powerful way to increase motivation and productivity.

Preparing for What’s Ahead: The Case of Sonoma County Winegrowers

Winegrowers have learned to adapt to constant unpredictability, facing everything from flooding and wildfires to the fallout from COVID-19. In this opinion piece, Wharton’s George S. Day and Karissa Kruse, president of Sonoma County Winegrowers, explain how industry leaders have benefited from taking the long view.

How the NFL Shifted Its Message on Racial Justice

In a stark turnabout, the NFL is now embracing the same goals of social justice and racial equality that cost quarterback Colin Kaepernick his football career. Experts explain the change and why other brands should follow suit.

What Will the World Look Like in 2030?

Big economic, technological and demographic changes are coming, and the pandemic is accelerating many of them, Wharton’s Mauro Guillen says in his new book.

Getting the Job Done: How Immigrants Expand the U.S. Economy

Immigrant workers put pressure on the U.S. labor supply, but foreign-born entrepreneurs also create jobs that increase labor demand, according to new research co-authored by Wharton's Daniel Kim.

How Firms Can Become More Resilient in the New Normal

Digitally powered operating models are critical to recovering from the pandemic and thriving, according to a Deloitte study done in collaboration with Wharton’s Christopher Ittner.

Creating Inclusive Public Policies: Guidelines for Compassionate Regulators

“A policy’s success largely rests on how well inclusion is embedded in its blueprints,” write Santosh K. Misra and Wharton’s Raghuram Iyengar in this opinion piece.

How Foreign Purchases of U.S. Homes Impact Prices and Supply

Demand for U.S. homes from foreign investors is pushing up home prices, exacerbating concerns over housing affordability, according to new Wharton research.

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