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How Jazz Can Unlock Your Team’s Next Breakthrough

“Generative conversations,” in which multiple perspectives are integrated to kindle new solutions, are a powerful way to address the complex challenges facing organizations. Wharton’s Michael Platt and his co-authors explain the neuroscience behind why they work. …Read More

Why Older Americans Regret Not Saving Early and Enough

Financial literacy and greater longevity awareness will help fix retirement planning gaps, according to a study that delved into multiple dimensions of undersaving.…Read More

How Sunk Costs Affect Firms’ Investment Decisions

Research by Wharton’s Marius Guenzel provides evidence that companies systematically fail to ignore “sunk costs” in losing ventures, which leads to significant investment distortions.…Read More

How to Use Neuroscience to Build Team Chemistry

In this Nano Tool for Leaders, Wharton's Michael Platt shares seven science-based ideas to help you create a high-performing team.…Read More

Can the SEC Cut Down on Insider Trading?

The SEC is amending a specific rule in hopes to make insider trading more difficult for company executives. Wharton’s Dan Taylor explains how it works.…Read More

A Simple Intervention That Can Reduce Turnover

Work can be hard, but it shouldn’t be hard all the time. New research co-authored by Wharton’s Maurice Schweitzer shows that overloading workers with too many difficult tasks in a row makes them more likely to quit.…Read More

Why Hybrid Work Will Reign in 2023

Wharton management professor Martine Haas says now that hybrid work has been around for a while, companies need to spend the next year figuring out what works best and refining their policies.…Read More

How Divestiture Can Create Corporate Value

Divestiture is an important strategy for a company seeking healthy financial growth, one that is often overlooked. In her new book, Wharton’s Emilie Feldman explains why sometimes the best way to add value is through subtraction.…Read More

What’s Ahead for the U.S. Housing Market?

After a year of rising mortgage rates and shortages in both supply and demand, the best option for prospective homebuyers and homeowners is to bide their time, says Wharton’s Susan Wachter. …Read More

How This Psychological Effect Skews Home Prices

People list homes at a premium to avoid selling a house for less than they bought it, thereby reducing market liquidity, according to research by experts at Wharton and elsewhere.…Read More

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