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Jeremy Siegel: What’s Ahead for the Stock Market?

Encouraging news on a COVID-19 vaccine, a good election outcome and strong liquidity are positive signs for the year ahead, says Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel.

What Will Persuade People to Take a Vaccine?

Behavioral scientists at Wharton and Penn are studying the best communication strategies that nudge people into getting vaccinated for the flu, with implications for controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marketing the Future: How Data Analytics Is Changing

Data analytics is at an inflection point as growing concerns about security, privacy, bias and regulation bump up against the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Conscious Capitalism: Giving All Stakeholders a Seat at the Table

Wharton’s Katherine Klein talks to Vital Farms investor Karl Khoury and CEO Russell Diez-Canseco about how stakeholders benefit from the ethical pursuit of profit.

What’s Ahead for the U.S. Economy?

President-elect Joe Biden’s proposals promise wide-ranging economic gains, but the pandemic will continue to be a huge variable in the near term, according to an analysis by the Penn Wharton Budget Model.

Beyond Philanthropy: How Corporate America Can Advance Racial Equity

Strong leadership, constant communication and cross-sector partnerships can help corporations deepen their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, according to experts who joined Wharton’s Beyond Business discussion series.

Navigating Digital Turbulence

Wharton’s George Day and Paul Schoemaker examine three key principles that underpin organizational vigilance and show how Adobe’s leaders used them to great effect.

Gamification Is Changing How We Work — and Succeed

From motivating employees to maintaining healthy habits, games can help us achieve our goals in surprising ways, say the authors of the revised and updated edition of ‘For the Win.’

How Gaming Can Help Learners of All Ages

Wharton Interactive co-founders Sarah Toms and Ethan Mollick are creating the next generation of game-based learning experiences that democratize education and make lessons more memorable.

If Pandemic Productivity Is Up, Why Is Innovation Slowing Down?

The majority of employees working from home during the pandemic are just as productive, but they aren’t collaborating as effectively as before, according to a new study overseen by Wharton management professor Michael Parke.

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