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Facebook Whistleblower: Why It Takes a Village

Wharton management professor Samir Nurmohamed explains what compels whistleblowers like Facebook’s Frances Haugen to come forward in an organization.

Are Teams Better Than Individuals at Getting Work Done?

Whether teams or individuals are better at accomplishing tasks depends on the complexity of the work, according to a new study co-authored by Wharton’s Duncan Watts.

Why the U.S. Housing Boom Isn’t a Bubble

Wharton’s Benjamin Keys explains why the red-hot U.S. real estate market isn’t a bubble that’s ready to burst. Home prices are likely to stay high for years to come.

Why the SEC Should Limit Its Mandates on ESG Disclosures

The regulator must focus on cash-flow impacts and not societal goals, according to a new statement by the Financial Economists Roundtable, a worldwide group of 50 senior financial economists including Wharton professors.

Why Finance Should Be Mandatory for High School Students (and Their Parents)

Wharton’s Michael R. Roberts argues in this opinion piece that a basic understanding of finance will help students and their parents avoid making disastrous decisions, such as taking on excessive student loans.

Will China’s Regulation Kill Cryptocurrencies?

In the wake of China’s ban on the use of cryptocurrencies, Wharton’s Kevin Werbach shares insights on the regulatory and other forces that will shape their future.

How Employees Can Become Better Organizational Citizens

Research co-authored by Wharton’s Michael Parke shows how both supervisors and peers can be powerful change agents of organizational citizenship behavior.

How Stress Affects CEO Aging and Mortality

Firms must weigh the health outcomes of work-related stress in designing incentives, says Wharton’s Marius Guenzel.

Bad Bosses: What’s Wrong with Labor Algorithms

Wharton’s Lindsey Cameron explains why algorithms that monitor worker productivity, like the ones used by Amazon, are a bad idea.

How the Pandemic Accelerated the Social Impact Movement

Wharton’s Katherine Klein talks with B Lab co-founder Bart Houlahan about the soaring interest in companies seeking “Certified B Corporation” status and what that means for the social impact movement.

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