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P C R : Publish, Cite Cyagen and get a Reward of $100 or more !?

Thursday I got an odd mail from Cyagen. Cyagen offered me $100 or more in reward for citing their animal model services in an article. Even more surprising the reward was dependent on the impact factor of the journal I was publishing in. Cyagen gives the following example: If you published a paper in Science (IF = 30) […]

Social Media in Clinical Practice by Bertalan Meskó [Book Review]

How to review a book on Medical Social Media written by an author, who has learned you many Social Media skills himself? Thanks to people like Bertalan Meskó, the author of the book concerned,  I am not a novice in the field of Medical Social Media. But wouldn’t it be great if all newcomers in […]

Friday Foolery #55 Entrance to the Maternity Ward

This Picture speaks for itself, I suppose Source: Facebook page of George Takei (link to picture) Related articles Leave it to Takei! ( George Takei’s Facebook Adventure Now Includes An Apologizing Ghostwriter ( Journalist apologizes to George Takei for revealing that he contributes Facebook items (

Between the Lines. Finding the Truth in Medical Literature [Book Review]

In the 1970s a study was conducted among 60 physicians and physicians-in-training. They had to solve a simple problem: “If a test to detect a disease whose prevalence is 1/1000 has a false positive rate of 5 %, what is the chance that a person found to have a positive result actually has the disease, assuming that you know nothing about the person’s...

Medpedia, the Medical Wikipedia, is Dead. And we Missed its Funeral…

In a post about Wikipedia in 2009 I suggested that initiatives like Ganfyd or Medpedia, might be a solution to Wikipedia’s accuracy and credibility problems, because only health experts are allowed to edit or contribute to the content of these knowledge bases. MedPedia is a more sophisticated platform than Ganfyd, which looks more like a simple […]

No, Google Scholar Shouldn’t be Used Alone for Systematic Review Searching

Several papers have addressed the usefulness of Google Scholar as a source for systematic review searching. Unfortunately the quality of those papers is often well below the mark. In 2010 I already [1]  (in the words of Isla Kuhn [2]) “robustly rebutted” the Anders’ paper “PubMed versus Google Scholar for Retrieving Evidence” [3] at this blog. But […]

“Pharmacological Action” in PubMed has no True Equivalent in OVID MEDLINE

Searching for EMBASE Subject Headings (the EMBASE index terms) for drugs is relatively straight forward in EMBASE. When you want to search for aromatase inhibitors you first search for the Subject Heading mapping to aromatase inhibitors (aromatase inhibitor). Next you explode aromatase inhibitor/ if you are interested in all its narrower terms. If not, you...

Friday Foolery #48 Brilliant Library Notices

Today’s Friday Foolery post is handed on a silver platter by my Australian friend Mike Cadogan @sandnsurf from Life in the Fast Lane Yes, aren’t these brilliant librarian notices from the Milwaukee Public Library?! Note: @Bitethedust, also from Australian rightly noticed: there’s no better place to stick @sandnsurf than in Friday foolery Indeed at Life...

Friday Foolery #49: The Shortest Abstract Ever! [2]

In a previous Friday Foolery post I mentioned what I thought was the shortest abstract ever.  ”Probably not”. But a reader (“Trollface”) pointed out in a comment that there was an even shorter (and much older) abstract of a paper in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. It was published in 1974. The abstract simply says: […]

Silly Sunday #50: Molecular Designs & Synthetic DNA

As a teenager I found it hard to picture the 3D structure of DNA, proteins and other molecules. Remember we didn’t have a computer then, no videos, nor 3D-pictures or 3D models. I tried to fill the gap, by making DNA-molecules of (used) matches and colored clay, based on descriptions in dry (and dull 2D) […]

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