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An assessment of the ExacTrac intrafraction imaging capabilities for flattening filter free prostate stereotactic body radiotherapy

Abstract The uncertainties associated with image matching using the ExacTrac® system (BrainLab, Munich, Germany) have been the subject of investigation in the literature for extra-cranial sites. However, the uncertainties involved in the use of ExacTrac in the presence of higher scatter conditions like that for intrafraction imaging...

Automated segmentation of optic disc using statistical region merging and morphological operations

Abstract Accurate Optic Disc (OD) segmentation is vital in designing systems that aid the diagnosis and evaluation of early phases of retinal diseases. However, in many images, the OD boundary is ambiguous, which makes the automated OD segmentation process very challenging. A method to segment OD based on statistical region merging...

Book review: Advanced Radiation Protection Dosimetry edited by Shaheen A. Dewji and Nolan E. Hertel

Detection and analysis: driver state with electrocardiogram (ECG)

Abstract Driver drowsiness, fatigue and inattentiveness are the major causes of road accidents, which lead to sudden death, injury, high fatalities and economic losses. Physiological signals provides information about the internal functioning of human body and thereby provides accurate, reliable and robust information on the driver’s...

Evaluation of metal artefact techniques with same contrast scale for different commercially available dual-energy computed tomography scanners

Abstract The aim of our study is to evaluate the metal artefact reduction techniques with the same contrast scale for different vendors’ dual-energy CT (DECT): kV-CT image with metal artefact reduction method and monoenergetic CT image using Canon’s DECT, and monoenergetic CT image with metal artefact reduction method using GE’s...

A computer aided diagnostic method for the evaluation of type II diabetes mellitus in facial thermograms

Abstract Almost 50% of individuals around the globe are unaware of diabetes and its complications. So, an early screening of diabetes is very important at this current situation. To overcome the difficulties such as pain and discomfort to the subjects obtained from the biochemical diagnostic procedures; an infrared thermography is...

Collection and analysis of photon beam data for Varian C-series linear accelerators: a potential reference beam data set

Abstract This study aimed to collect and analyze photon beam data for the Varian C-series linear accelerators (Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA, USA). We evaluated the potential of the average data to be used as reference beam data for the radiotherapy treatment planning system commissioning verification. We collected 20 data...

Winning images from the Photography in Medical Physics (PiMP) competition

Characteristics of inverse gamma histograms

Abstract This work explores the characteristics of the inverse gamma histogram and its potential use as part of the patient specific quality assurance (PSQA) program for volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT). ArcCheck measured dose files and TPS predicted dose files were imported and analysed using the in-house inverse gamma code...

The current status of medical physicist certification program in Iran, compared to Turkey, China, Japan, UK, and USA

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