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The spino-pelvic ratio: a novel global sagittal parameter associated with clinical outcomes in adult spinal deformity patients

Abstract Purpose Analysis of interactions of spinal alignment metrics may uncover novel alignment parameters, similar to PI-LL. This study utilized a data-driven approach to hypothesis generation by testing all possible division interactions between spinal alignment parameters. ...

Global alignment and proportion (GAP) scores in an asymptomatic, nonoperative cohort: a divergence of age-adjusted and pelvic incidence-based alignment targets

Abstract Purpose To investigate GAP scores in an asymptomatic cohort of adults, including older adults with age-expected changes in spinal alignment. Methods One hundred and twenty asymptomatic volunteers...

Characteristics and treatment of dynamic sagittal imbalance in adult spinal deformity

Abstract Objective To raise the diagnostic criteria, classification and treatment strategy of dynamic sagittal imbalance (DSI). Methods One hundred thirty-three adult spinal deformity (ASD) patients with...

The prone transpsoas technique: preliminary radiographic results of a multicenter experience

Abstract Introduction The lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) is a safe and effective technique to treat a vast range of lumbar disorders. However, the technique is also burdened by some problems. A new approach to the lateral lumbar interbody fusion was devised to solve or reduce some...

Development and validation of a prediction tool for pain reduction in adult patients undergoing elective lumbar spinal fusion: a multicentre cohort study

Abstract Purpose On average, 56% of patients report a clinically relevant reduction in pain after lumbar spinal fusion (LSF). Preoperatively identifying which patient will benefit from LSF is paramount to improve clinical decision making, expectation management and treatment selection....

Anterior column reconstruction of the thoracolumbar spine with a new modular PEEK vertebral body replacement device: retrospective clinical and radiologic cohort analysis of 48 cases with 1.7-years follow-up

Abstract Purpose To evaluate whether a new PEEK vertebral body replacement can maintain the sagittal alignment as an anterior column reconstruction device in thoracic and lumbar spinal defects due to trauma or tumor. Methods...

Cranial facet joint injuries in percutaneous lumbar pedicle screw placement: a matched-pair analysis comparing intraoperative 3D navigation and conventional fluoroscopy

Abstract Purpose The violation of the cranial adjacent facet is a frequent complication in lumbar instrumentations and can induce local pain and adjacent segment disease. Minimally invasive screw implantation is often stated as risk factor in comparison with open approaches. Percutaneous...

Correction to: Nucleus replacement could get a new chance with annulus closure

Unfortunately, Fig. 7 and last paragraph of the result section have been incorrectly published. The complete corrected Fig. 7 and last paragraph of the results part (IDP measurements) have been as follows.

Correction to: 3D-printed spine surgery implants: a systematic review of the efficacy and clinical safety profile of patient-specific and off-the-shelf devices

Unfortunately, 3rd author’s first name was incorrectly published in the original publication. The complete correct name is given below,

Immuno-stimulatory capacity of decorin in the rat tail intervertebral disc and the mechanical consequence of resultant inflammation

Abstract Purpose Determine whether decorin is immuno-stimulatory to rat tail IVD cells and to characterize the mechanical consequence of inflammation at the whole rat tail IVD level. Methods Cultured...

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