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i.MX8M Mini powers Pico-ITX board and supports Yocto-based Linux distributions

The eDM-SBC-iMX8Mm is a Single Board Computer (SBC) which comes in a small Pico-ITX form factor and it’s powered by NXP’s i.MX8M Mini System on Chip (SoC). This compact device was designed to run 24/7 to suit applications such as kiosks , digital signage displays, smart home appliances etc. DATA MODUL has designed this SBC […]

Raspberry Pi Pico W supports Wi-Fi and starts at $6

The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched yesterday a new tiny platform based on the RP2040 silicon. The new device is called the Raspberry Pi Pico W and it provides connectivity by integrating the CYW43439 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module from Infineon. The Raspberry Pi Pico W uses the same processor as its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi Pico. The RP2040 […]

Vecow introduces SOM line based on MediaTek Genio 1200/500/350 processors

Vecow presented their new line of System on Module devices (SoM) at Embedded World 2022. The latest SoMs integrate MediaTek’s Genio 1200, Genio 500 and Genio 350 processors. Additionally, the company has developed carrier boards for quick product development. Vecow’s new line of SOMs offers support for the following Genio processors from MediaTek: [ESOM-MT-1200]-MediaTek...

3.5” SBC powered by Vortex86DX3 SoC and runs on Linux, QNX, DOS and Win XP

ICOP recently released a 3.5” Single Board Computer (SBC) that implements the 32-bit Vortex86DX3 System on Chip (SoC). The VDX3-6726 SBC was designed with comprehensive backwards compatibility to support older software and extend the life cycle of existing products without the need of complex redesign. The VDX3-6726 is built around the single core Vortex86DX3...

STEPFPGA supports Verilog on cloud-based IDE and Lattice’s Diamond IDE

The STEPFPGA MXO2Core is a compact platform based on the Lattice MX02-4000 FPGA. The low cost device is loaded with several I/O peripherals and it’s targeted towards FPGA beginners. The STEPFGA costs around $46 through a Kickstarter campaign that already surpassed its funding goal. According to the developer company called EIM Technology, the STEPFPGA...

Compulab’s new IoT gateway is based on NXP’s i.MX.8M processor and runs on Linux, MS Azure IoT and Node RED

The IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS is an IoT gateway made by Compulab that is based on the NXP i.MX.8M Plus System on Chip (SoC) for commercial or industrial applications. The device features dual GbE ports, Wi-Fi6/BLE 5.3 support, LTE 4G, GPS and many optional peripherals. Compulab’s new IoT gateway provides support for two processor models, the C1800Q and […]

Holybros unveils Pixhawk 6X and Pixhawk 6C flight controllers

Holybro has revealed two new models of the popular Pixhawk flight controller for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The Pixhawk 6X and the Pixhawk 6C use a Cortex-M7 as Flight Management Unit (FMU) and a Cortex-M3 as an I/O processor. The Pixhawk 6X is based on the Pixhawk FMUv6x Open Standard and the Pixhawk Autopilot Bus […]

Core-V development kit packs 32-bit RISC-V core

This week, the non-profit global organization OpenHW presented a RISC-V based development board at Embedded World 2022. The Core-V MCU dev kit integrates a 32-bit CV32E40P open source RISC-V core and the ArticPro eFPGA from QuickLogic. OpenHW specified that the Core-V MCU features the CV32E40P processor (previously known as the RI5CY) which is a 32...

Orbbec introduces Femto Time-of-Flight 3D Camera line

Following the introduction of the Persee+ 3D embedded camera in April 2022, Orbbec has released a complete new line of 3D cameras optimized to capture static or moving objects and scenes with superior accuracy. The company ensured the Femto ToF 3D cameras are enabled to be used in applications including healthcare, robotics, augmented reality and […]

SolidRun releases SOM module based on 64-bit Renesas RZ/G2LC SoC

SolidRun announced today a partnership with Renesas Electronics at Embedded World. According to SolidRun, the RZ/G2LC is the first System on Module (SOM) based on the 64-bit RZ/G2LC System on Chip from Renesas. The company is expecting to target applications such as IoT solutions, video surveillance, HMI applications and industrial automation solutions. ...

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