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ASRock new mini PC powered by AMD Ryzen 7000U-Series APUs

After recently launching the NUCS 1300 BOX Series last month, ASRock has just presented their new 4X4 BOX 7000/D5 Series. These new Mini-PCs come equipped with dual 2.5 GbE ports, Wi-Fi 6 E/BL5.2 connectivity and DDR5 support. The press release indicates that these new Mini-PCs integrate the following two AMD CPUs with TSMC 6nm FinFET […]

Low Power FPGA dev board can be pre-ordered for $69.95

The IcyBlue Feather by Oak Dev Tech is a tiny development board based on the Lattice ICE5LP4K low-power FPGA. This development board provides flexible peripherals such as up to 22x GPIOs, LiPo battery support and it can be programmed using the open-source Project IceStorm. As mentioned earlier, the board is powered by the ICE5LP4K FPGA […]

Apollo Lake system integrates up to 6x GbE, 2x LAN bypass and 2x SFP

The ICS-I370 is a fanless industrial cyber security network appliance powered by the Intel Atom E3900 CPU series. Lanner’s ICS-I370 also includes 1x M.2 B-key for LTE/5G networking, 1x M.2 E-Key for Wi-Fi connectivity and multiple storage options. The Lanner ICS-I370 integrates one of the following low-power processors with 14nm process: x7-E3950 —...

PLC modular platform based on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, Orin NX and TX2 NX

The Ultron is a PLC system based on the NVIDIA Jetson designed for commercial and industrial AI edge applications. The main unit includes an IMU, dual RJ45 ports, CAN Bus and optional LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity. The system can be expanded with up to 7x additional I/O to suit diverse applications. The Ultron can […]

AtomS3 Lite ESP32S3 Dev Kit introduced at $7.50

M5Stack just launched a miniature embedded device based on the ESP32-S4FN3 Microcontroller. The AtomS3 Lite ESP32S3 Dev Kit can be used in smart IoT applications and it’s equipped with up to 6x GPIOs, RGB indicators and one Grove connector for external peripherals. M5Stack indicates that the AtomS3 Lite features the following ESP32 module: ESP32-S3N8...

Pixhawk V6X flight controller integrates 3 redundant IMUs and 2 redundant barometer sensors

The Pixhawk V6X is a flight controller platform designed in collaboration with CUAV and the PX4 team. This device follows the Pixhawk FMUv6X standard, Bus standard and Connector standard. The new flight controller supports open-source platforms such as ArduPilot, PX4 Autopilot, ROS, etc. The CUAV Pixhawk V6X implements the STM32H753II6 processor with...

Mini PC features 4x 2.5GbE ports and supports AES-NI

The VP2420 Vault Pro from Protectli is a fanless Mini-PC based on the Celeron J6412 Intel processor. The device includes an 8GB eMMC module, 1x M.2 2280 slot, dual displays, Wi-Fi and LTE support. The VP2420 Vault Pro comes in an aluminum chassis and it integrates the same processor as other recently covered Mini PCs […]

DIGI SOMs integrate pre-certified dual-band Wi-Fi 5/BL5 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

The Digi ConnectCore MP1 is an industrial embedded System-on-Module  platform which integrates the STM32MP157C microprocessor and a 3D GPU (Vivante – OpenGL ES) 2.0. This SoM offers up to 176x GPIOs ports and security features such as TrustZone, tamper pins, cryptographic processors, etc.  The datasheet specifies the Vivante 3D GPU has a performance...

i.MX 9 based SoM from Variscite starts at $39

Variscite launched this month the VAR-SOM-MX93 which implements i.MX 93 System-on-Chip from NXP. The SoM can be configured with up to 2GB LPDDR4/4X, up to 64GB eMMC 5.1. Variscite has also launched a compatible evaluation kit providing access to 2x GbE LAN ports, multiple display ports and other flexible peripherals.  As mentioned earlier, the VAR-SOM-MX93...

Clearcube new NUC Mini PCs feature Alder Lake-P processors

ClearCube has launched two Mini PC models based on the 12th Gen i5/i7 Intel Cores. The DTi NUC Mini PC series support up to 64GB DDR4-3200 RAM, 2x HDMI 2.1 ports, 2x optional Thunderbolt ports and access to a copper network connection or fiber network connection. These new Mini-PCs from Clearcube are based on the […]

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