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The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #45 ( Structured )

Structured: Born & grown from more or less the start of the genre’s existence, hosting at early raves to pirate radio stations to the main stages etc.., having fealt he contributed and played his part over the years Structured is now content with being in the studio and has found and recognised himself as a producing artist, currently with releases...

The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #44 ( Infinity Odyssey Mix 4 )

Infinity Odyssey Vol4 By Sid Odyssey Nar Tracklist 1.Beneath a Stella Star – Parhelia - Advection Music 2.Lost Ethics – Outsource 3.Close To The Ritual – Cadence Recordings 4.Cancelled Spring – Arne – Offworld Recordings 5.Today Again – dRamatic 6.Put On My Best – Furney – Smooth N Groove Recordings 7.Perfect World – Bcee_Blu Mar Ten –...

The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #43 ( Sid 720 Infinity Odyssey Vol 3 Mix )

Infinity Odyssey Vol.3 Mixed By Sid Odyssey All Tracks Written and Produced By Tidal. It was a great pleasure to do this Artist Showcase Mix. Tidal is a very good friend and has played a major part of the Odyssey Collective for over 10 years. I hope you will enjoy the mix as much as I did doing it. Tracks White Flag - Tidal Blue Lagoon – Tidal...

The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #42 ( Sid 720 Infinity Odyssey Mix )

720 Infinity mix Tracklist 1-Aural Imbalance - Idiosyncrasy 2-Chris J - rainy Nights 3-Future Engineers - Momentum 4-Seba - Lost Key 5-Future Engineers - changes In State 6-Neclues & Paradox - Ellison Theme 7-Pariah - Resilience 8-Future Engineers - Rouge Comet 9- 10-Oaraih - Censure

The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #41 ( Sid Odyssey )

The NHS stands for the National Health Service. It refers to the Government-funded medical and health care services that everyone living in the UK can use. These services include: Visiting a doctor or a nurse at a doctor's surgery/Hospitals. Now the NHS require our help and support to get them through these difficult times. Amidst the uncertainty,...

The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #40 ( Emplate )

emplate - Cleveland, Ohio The Everyday Junglist Podcast | | Modular Carnage Recordings

The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #39 ( DJSlamdunk )

Tracklist 1.For ourselves 2. Been Around The Way 3. Imagine 4. Digital Fortress 5. We The People 6. TimeLine 7. Isolation 8. It's Over 9. Erase 10. Ghost Planes 11. Moving On 12. Forget What You Know 13. Orbital 14. I'm Not New To This

The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #38 ( DJ Method )

Dj Method bio Born and raised in west London i got into hiphop in the mid 80s ,Heard rave music in 89 and fell in love with the music and culture, Start to buy records that year and never stopped,From house music i follow onto hardcore and then into jungle and then into Drum n Bass , play most London base radio and nights at the time,2008 i relocated...

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