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The Ballad of the Chowchilla Bus Kidnapping

In 1976, a school bus carrying 26 children and their driver disappeared from a small California town, capturing the world’s attention. Kaleb Horton | Vox, Epic Magazine | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

Hou Yifan and the Wait for Chess’s First Woman World Champion

For years, Hou was the only woman who stood a chance against the very best. But she had her own ambitions. Louisa Thomas | New Yorker | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

The Master's Trap

What makes a graduate program predatory? Anne Helen Petersen | Culture Study | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

The Jessica Simulation

The death of the woman he loved was too much to bear. Could a mysterious website allow him to speak with her once more? Jason Fagone | San Francisco Chronicle | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

The Untold Stories of Wes Studi

A profile of the overlooked icon who forever changed the way Indigenous people are depicted onscreen. Tommy Orange | GQ | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

US Airstrikes Have Torn Somali Families Apart. They’re Still Seeking Justice.

The U.S. military openly admitted to killing Somali civilians but won’t return their emails or issue reparations. Amanda Sperber | Vice | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

How Going Home Helped Inspire Leon Bridges’s New Album—And Saved His Life

A profile of the singer-songwriter. Casey Gerald | Texas Monthly | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

How a Trail in Rural Oregon Became a Target of Far-Right Extremism

To understand the state’s urban-rural divide, start by looking at Yamhill County’s proposed walking trail. Leah Sottile | High Country News | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

Ishmael Reed Gets the Last Laugh

America’s most fearless satirist has seen his wildest fictions become reality. Julian Lucas | New Yorker | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

Will You Ever Change?

Can face-to-face meetings between a victim and an abuser—a form of restorative justice—help a society overwhelmed with bad behavior? Amelia Schonbek | The Cut | Jul 2021 [Full Story]

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