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The Well-Tempered Synthesizer

Wendy Carlos’s music of the spheres. Will Stephenson | Harper's | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

The Battle Over Dyslexia

It was once a widely accepted way of explaining why some children struggled to read and write. But in recent years, some experts have begun to question the existence of dyslexia itself. Sirin Kale | Guardian | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

Behind Every Republican Man

Joni Ernst’s reelection campaign may be an object lesson in what it takes for a woman to win in today’s GOP. Kerry Howley | The New Republic | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

A Fierce Attachment

My mother is an urban peasant and I am my mother’s daughter. The city is our natural element. We each have daily adventures with bus drivers, bag ladies, ticket takers, and street crazies. Walking brings out the best in us. Vivian Gornick | Village Voice | Mar 1987 [Full Story]

Fiction Pick of the Week: "The Mighty Oak"

A hockey player's life spirals out of control. Jeff W. Bens | Guernica | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

Inside Kelly Brogan’s Covid-Denying, Vax-Resistant Conspiracy Machine

Alt-health meets alt-right in the ‘conspirituality’ movement. Matthew Remski | Gen | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

What Happened Inside Ed Buck’s Apartment?

Two men died of meth overdoses at the home of a West Hollywood political donor. Dark conspiracy theories abounded— but the truth is even darker Jesse Barron | New York Times Magazine | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

Longform Podcast #410: Jiayang Fan

Jiayang Fan is a staff writer for The New Yorker. Her latest article is a "How My Mother and I Became Chinese Propaganda." "I think considering the unusual shape of our lives—the lives of my mother and I—from bare subsistence to one of the richest enclaves in America … it made me think about what the value of existence is. ... It made me wonder,...

The Man Who Refused to Spy

The F.B.I. tried to recruit an Iranian scientist as an informant. When he balked, the payback was brutal. Laura Secor | New Yorker | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

Buying Myself Back

When does a model own her own image? Emily Ratajkowski | New York | Sep 2020 [Full Story]

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