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Media Theranos

On working at Ozy. Pooja Bhatia | London Review of Books | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

Corporate Transition

When presenting as a man, this “tech bro” entrepreneur was the toast of Silicon Valley—until she stepped into boardrooms as a woman. Stephanie Clifford | Elle | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

The Sniff Test

Courtroom testimony about dogs detecting dead bodies keeps sending people to prison—even without physical evidence. Critics say the science is lacking. Peter Andrey Smith | Science | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

Have Sperm, Will Travel

Amidst a historic shortage at sperm banks nationwide, a new means of donation is on the rise: Facebook groups. Elaine Byrd got involved in the community first as a moderator, then as a recipient. That’s how she met Ari Nagel, aka the Sperminator, a superdonor with nearly a hundred biological children and counting. Rachel Monroe | Esquire | Oct...

Unfreezing the Ice Age: The Truth About Humanity’s Deep Past

Archaeological discoveries are shattering scholars’ long-held beliefs about how the earliest humans organized their societies—and hint at possibilities for our own, David Graeber | Guardian | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

My Father, the Hitman

In my naive denial, I had wanted to see him as a hapless ne’er-do-well, a nonconformist with a streak of dishonesty. I liked to think of him as a latter-day Robin Hood. Now I knew that wasn’t true. James Dolan | D Magazine | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

The Methods of Moral Panic Journalism

Scare stories on “left-wing illiberalism” display a familiar pattern. Michael Hobbes | Confirm My Choices | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

Home Was a Nightmare, Then Home Was Prison. Finally Home Is Now a Refuge.

A radical housing program in the San Francisco Bay is recognizing how women who killed their abusers deserve dignity—and a second chance. Marisa Endicott | Mother Jones | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

Fear in the Shallows

White sharks are hunting along Cape Cod’s beaches. What will it take to keep people safe? C.J. Chivers | New York Times Magazine | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

The Case of the Martha’s Vineyard Heiress and the Florida Psychic Who Took Her for Millions

Vera Pratt moved to the island at age 70 hoping to find many years of happiness. Then she met “Psychic Angela” and her future got a whole lot more complicated. Alexander Huls | Boston Globe | Oct 2021 [Full Story]

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