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What My Dad Gave His Shop

For 45 years, , Harmony Audio Video, has been my dad’s life: the reason he left home early every day, the reason he was chronically late to pick me up from school, the reason he didn’t take a single vacation for 25 years. Francesca Mari | The Atlantic | Dec 2020 [Full Story]

Fiction Pick of the Week: "Soil"

A hotel serves as a site for discreet abortions. Arianna Reiche | Joyland Magazine | Nov 2020 [Full Story]

The Art of Building the Impossible

The carpenter behind some of New York’s most elaborate—and expensive—homes Burkhard Bilger | New Yorker | Nov 2020 [Full Story]

The Mystery of the Gatwick Drone

A drone sighting caused the airport to close for two days in 2018, but despite a lengthy police investigation, no culprit was ever found. So what exactly did people see in the sky? Samira Shackle | The Guardian | Dec 2020 [Full Story]

Longform Podcast #420: Melissa del Bosque

Melissa del Bosque is an investigative journalist covering the U.S.-Mexico border. “What I really want people to know is the context within which this traumatic event is happening. It doesn’t have to happen. It’s happening because certain people made certain decisions. Or they made a decision to do nothing. … There are laws, there are policies...

When One Parent Leaves a Hasidic Community, What Happens to the Kids?

The irreconcilable differences between Orthodoxy and secularism increasingly end up in court. Larissa MacFarquhar | New Yorker | Nov 2020 [Full Story]

Gaétan Dugas and the 'AIDS Mary' Myth

The Canadian scapegoat of the AIDS epidemic. Guy Babineau | Xtra West | Nov 2007 [Full Story]

Castles in the Sky

A found diary holds a love story—and a mystery. Christina Lalanne | The Atavist Magazine | Nov 2020 [Full Story]

India’s Leading Documentary Filmmaker Has a Warning

Anand Patwardhan spent decades tracking the rise of Hindu nationalism. And now, under an increasingly repressive government, he holds his screenings in secret. Abhrajyoti Chakraborty | New York Times | Nov 2020 [Full Story]

The Bubble of a Dream

On trying, and failing, to qualify for the USA Olympic Marathon Trials. Peter Bromka | Medium | Nov 2020 [Full Story]

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