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MX Linux 21 Released with Debian 11, KDE Plasma 5.20. This is What’s New

MX Linux 21 code named “Wildflower” is released. We wrap up the release and give you the download and upgrade information.

How to Install Visual Studio Code Extensions

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is perhaps the most popular open source code editor, after Vim (of course). Visual Studio Code provides an amazing “out of the box” experience by providing almost all of the IDE like features. But there are always things you wish Visual Studio Code could do. “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

The Chip Shortage Is so Bad Raspberry Pi Prices Have Gone Up

If there’s one thing the Raspberry Pi is known for, it is being affordable. However, this chip shortage is causing problems for everyone, and the Raspberry Pi will see a price increase.

What’s New in Ubuntu 21.10? 6 Highlights

Version 21.10 marks the latest release of Ubuntu, and while Canonical has turned more of its attention toward the cloud and developers, Ubuntu "Impish Indri" comes with a number of substantial changes for the many who still use the Ubuntu desktop on a daily basis.

PS3 emulator RPCS3 can now boot all games released for the console

An incredible milestone for RPCS3, the free and open source cross-platform PlayStation 3 emulator as their compatibility list has hit the ability to boot all known games.

Developers offered browser-based fun in VSCode.dev and Java action in Visual Studio Code

Microsoft has whipped the covers off yet another take on code-in-the-browser with a lightweight version of Visual Studio Code, while unveiling the version 1.0 release of support for Red Hat Java in the freebie source wrangler.

How to Install or Upgrade Nvidia Drivers (Including 495.xx Beta) on Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Nvidia Graphic Drivers from the Nvidia Proprietary Repository, a PPA repository, or manually using the beta drivers for an example, thus giving you the latest in software available.

Conditional Statements In Bash Explained With Examples

This guide explains how to work with conditional statements in bash scripting, and how to write compact conditional statements with examples.

How to setup an RDS MySql (Relation Database MySql) instance on AWS

RDS(Relational Database Service) comes under “Database” services of AWS(Amazon Web Services) Cloud. In this article, we will see how to create an RDS MySql Instance, provision and terminate it.

What you need to know about Kubernetes NetworkPolicy

With a growing number of cloud-native applications going to production through Kubernetes adoption, security is an important checkpoint that you must consider early in the process. When designing a cloud-native application, it is very important to embed a security strategy up front. Failure to do so leads to lingering security issues that can cause...

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