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How to Fix umount target is busy in Linux

Learn how to fix umount target is busy in Linux. Explained solutions using force unmount, detaching busy device by finding and kill the processes, and lazy mount.

ISO establishes SBOM standard for open source development with SPDX

You’re in the news. But not with the headline you want. You’re not getting attention because of your choice of text editor or the number of spaces you use to indent code blocks. However motivating those preferences are for you and me, the non-technical world sees them as private choices. You find your code in the headlines for a different and unpleasant...

How to Install VirtualBox on AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux: A Full Guide

VirtualBox is a free and open-source virtualization software commonly used at the desktop level to create a test environment. This guide will walk you through the steps to install VirtualBox, a general-purpose full virtualizer app, on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux.

Ubuntu Users Get New Kernel Security Updates, Three Vulnerabilities Patched

Today, Canonical published new Linux kernel security updates for all of its supported Ubuntu releases, including the recently released Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, to address up to three vulnerabilities discovered by various security researchers.

HP and System76 partner to release high-end Linux laptop

Linux laptop player System76 is joining forces with HP to release a high-powered Pop!_OS-powered developer laptop.

How to Install Apache Tomcat 10 on Ubuntu 22.04 with Nginx

Install Apache Tomcat 10 on Ubuntu 22.04 with Nginx. Apache Tomcat is an open source web server and a servlet container which is mainly used to server Java based applications.In this guide you are going to learn how to install Apache Tomcat 10 on Ubuntu 22.04 and secure the setup with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Improve network performance with this open source framework

In the age of high-speed internet, most large information systems are structured as distributed systems with components running on different machines. The performance of these systems is generally assessed by their throughput and response time. When performance is poor, debugging these systems is challenging due to the complex interactions between different...

How to Mapping Linux Block Devices to Storage LUNs

2DayGeeK: This guide describe how to map Linux block devices to storage LUNs.

Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya creates assets for interactive 3D applications (including video games), animated films, TV series, and visual effects. We recommend the best free and open source alternatives.

Migrate databases to Kubernetes using Konveyor

Kubernetes Database Operator is useful for building scalable database servers as a database (DB) cluster. But because you have to create new artifacts expressed as YAML files, migrating existing databases to Kubernetes requires a lot of manual effort. This article introduces a new open source tool named Konveyor Tackle-DiVA-DOA (Data-intensive Validity...

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