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How to tackle unreliability of coding assistants

Over the last year, lots of developers have incorporated LLM coding assistants into their work, finding them a useful tool. But one of the problems of these tools is that they are unreliable, often coming up with poor or outright wrong-headed suggestions. Birgitta Böckeler continues her exploration of GenAI for developers...

Tue Nov 28, 2023 17:46
Patterns of Distributed Systems is published by Pearson

During the last four years, my colleague Unmesh Joshi been developing a collection of patterns to help us all better understand how modern distributed systems work. We've been publishing drafts of these patterns on this site. Now these have turned into a book, published by Addison-Wesley in my signature series. As such, we've...

Fri Nov 24, 2023 21:35
Three reasons a liberal arts degree helped me succeed in tech

My colleague Sannie Lee has met many students who are looking into getting into technology, taking narrow professionally-oriented majors. Sannie, however, has found that a traditional liberal-arts degree has given her skills that are highly relevant to her work as a product manager. more…

Thu Nov 9, 2023 17:31
Enhancing the Headless Component

In the second (and final) part of his explanation of React Headless Components Juntao Qiu explores how a headless component allows us to create a visually different component that does the same base behavior, and how it encourages better factoring as we extend base behavior further. more…

Tue Nov 7, 2023 17:10
Current thoughts on social media

It's now been a year since The Muskover, what does my use of social media look like now, both as a reader and a writer? more…

Thu Nov 2, 2023 19:01
Headless Component: a pattern for composing React UIs

As React UI controls become more sophisticated, complex logic can get intertwined with the visual representation. This makes it hard to reason about the behavior of the component, hard to test it, and necessary to build similar components that need a different look. Juntao Qiu tackles this by using a Headless Component, which...

Wed Nov 1, 2023 17:08

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