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Exploiting zirconium nitride for an efficient heat-resistant absorber and emitter pair for solar thermophotovoltaic systems

Sumbel Ijaz, Ahsan Sarwar Rana, Zubair Ahmad, Bacha Rehman, Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Qasim Mehmood<br/>A perfect absorber in the visible-infrared regime maintaining its performance at elevated temperatures and under a harsh environment is ... [Opt. Express 29, 31537-31548 (2021)]

Investigation of the effective aperture: towards high-resolution Fresnel incoherent correlation holography

Fengying Ma, Yu Li, Xi Wang, Yanli Du, Qiaoxia Gong, Jingkai Cheng, Li Qin, Jianpo Su, Yongsheng Hu<br/>Fresnel incoherent correlation holography (FINCH) shows great advantages of coherent-light-source-free, high lateral resolution, no ... [Opt. Express 29, 31549-31560 (2021)]

Simultaneous detection of the distance and direction for a noncooperative target based on the microwave photonic radar

Yunxin Wang, Xueyuan Hou, Tao Li, Ziang He, Dayong Wang, Feng Yang, Tao Zhou, Lu Rong<br/>For a noncooperative target, multiple-dimension detection is required to determine its spatial location. A microwave photonic radar is ... [Opt. Express 29, 31561-31573 (2021)]

Towards small target recognition with photonics-based high resolution radar range profiles

Jinhu Li, Fangzheng Zhang, Yu Xiang, Shilong Pan<br/>Photonics-based radar expands the bandwidth of traditional radars and enhances the radar range resolution. This makes it possible to ... [Opt. Express 29, 31574-31581 (2021)]

Phase gradient protection of stored spatially multimode perfect optical vortex beams in a diffused rubidium vapor

Yun Chen, Jinwen Wang, Chengyuan Wang, Shougang Zhang, Mingtao Cao, Sonja Franke-Arnold, Hong Gao, Fuli Li<br/>We experimentally investigate the optical storage of perfect optical vortex (POV) and spatially multimode perfect optical vortex (MPOV) ... [Opt. Express 29, 31582-31593 (2021)]

Enhanced light extraction efficiency of an LED package by a surface-mounted amorphous photonic structure

Yiyong Chen, Zhizhong Chen, Fei Jiao, Jinglin Zhan, Zuojian Pan, Chuhan Deng, Xin Xi, Xiangning Kang, Weihua Chen, Qi Wang, Yuzhen Tong, Guoyi Zhang, Bo Shen<br/>In this study, we propose a low-cost, simple and feasible post-processing approach to improve the light extraction efficiency (LEE) of LED ... [Opt. Express 29, 31594-31606 (2021)]

Snapshot spectroscopic Mueller matrix polarimetry based on spectral modulation with increased channel bandwidth

Naicheng Quan, Chunmin Zhang, Tingkui Mu, Siyuan Li, Caiyin You<br/>This paper presents a snapshot spectroscopic Mueller matrix polarimetry based on spectral modulation. The polarization state generator ... [Opt. Express 29, 31607-31614 (2021)]

Optical method for simultaneous thickness measurements of two layers with a significant thickness difference

Jaeseok Bae, Jungjae Park, Heulbi Ahn, Jonghan Jin<br/>In this study, an optical method that allows simultaneous thickness measurements of two different layers distributed over a broad thickness ... [Opt. Express 29, 31615-31631 (2021)]

Single-shot fringe pattern phase retrieval using improved period-guided bidimensional empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert transform

Paweł Gocłowski, Maria Cywińska, Azeem Ahmad, Balpreet Ahluwalia, Maciej Trusiak<br/>Fringe pattern analysis is the central aspect of numerous optical measurement methods, e.g., interferometry, fringe projection, digital ... [Opt. Express 29, 31632-31649 (2021)]

Unified mathematical framework for a class of fundamental freeform optical systems

Martijn J. H. Anthonissen, Lotte B. Romijn, Jan H. M. ten Thije Boonkkamp, Wilbert L. IJzerman<br/>We present a unified mathematical framework for sixteen fundamental optical systems. The systems have a parallel or point source and a ... [Opt. Express 29, 31650-31664 (2021)]

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