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Polarization meta-converter for dynamic polarization states shifting with broadband characteristic

Zhe Qin, Yongfeng Li, He Wang, Weipeng Wan, Chenchen Li, Zhibiao Zhu, Yang Cheng, Songyan Li, Hongya Chen, Jiafu Wang, Shaobo Qu<br/>Polarization, as an important property of light, has been widely discussed in modern detecting and radar systems. A polarization converter ... [Opt. Express 30, 20014-20025 (2022)]

Interference of the scattered vector light fields from two optically levitated nanoparticles

Yuanbin Jin, Jiangwei Yan, Shah Jee Rahman, Xudong Yu, Jing Zhang<br/>We experimentally study the interference of dipole scattered light from two optically levitated nanoparticles in vacuum, which present an ... [Opt. Express 30, 20026-20037 (2022)]

Intelligent and compact coherent Doppler lidar with fiber-based configuration for robust wind sensing in various atmospheric and environmental conditions

Nobuki Kotake, Hiroshi Sakamaki, Masaharu Imaki, Yoshichika Miwa, Toshiyuki Ando, Yoshiyuki Yabugaki, Masayuki Enjo, Shumpei Kameyama<br/>The intelligent and compact coherent Doppler lidar (CDL) for wind sensing is demonstrated. The configuration is fiber-based. Several ... [Opt. Express 30, 20038-20062 (2022)]

Dual-band selective circular dichroism in mid-infrared chiral metasurfaces

Haotian Tang, Daniel Rosenmann, David A. Czaplewski, Xiaodong Yang, Jie Gao<br/>Most chiral metamaterials and metasurfaces are designed to operate in a single wavelength band and with a certain circular dichroism (CD) ... [Opt. Express 30, 20063-20075 (2022)]

Transition between noise-like pulses and Q-switching in few-mode mode-locked lasers

Dengke Xing, Jiangyong He, Pan Wang, Kun Chang, Congcong Liu, Yange Liu, Zhi Wang<br/>Spatiotemporal mode-locked lasers have attracted extensive attention of researchers due to the complex nonlinear evolution process. ... [Opt. Express 30, 20076-20087 (2022)]

Light transfer transitions beyond higher-order exceptional points in parity-time and anti-parity-time symmetric waveguide arrays

Chuanxun Du, Gang Wang, Yan Zhang, Jin-Hui Wu<br/>We propose two non-Hermitian arrays consisting of N = 2l + 1 waveguides and exhibiting ... [Opt. Express 30, 20088-20099 (2022)]

Residual image recovery method based on the dual-camera design of a compressive hyperspectral imaging system

Xinyu Liu, Zeqing Yu, Shuhang Zheng, Yong Li, Xiao Tao, Fei Wu, Qin Xie, Yan Sun, Chang Wang, Zhenrong Zheng<br/>Compressive hyperspectral imaging technology can quickly detect the encoded two-dimensional measurements and reconstruct the ... [Opt. Express 30, 20100-20116 (2022)]

Design of off-axis reflective imaging systems based on freeform holographic elements

Tong Yang, Yongdong Wang, Dongwei Ni, Dewen Cheng, Yongtian Wang<br/>Holographic optical element (HOE) can be used in many areas in optics due to its characteristics of thin structure, flexible wavefront ... [Opt. Express 30, 20117-20134 (2022)]

Simultaneous ground-state cooling of identical mechanical oscillators by Lyapunov control

Zhen Yang, Junya Yang, Shi-Lei Chao, Chengsong Zhao, Rui Peng, Ling Zhou<br/>The simultaneous cooling of multiple mechanical oscillators in the cavity optomechanical system has aroused people’s attention and ... [Opt. Express 30, 20135-20148 (2022)]

Extremely angle-stable transparent window for TE-polarized waves empowered by anisotropic metasurfaces

ZunTian Chu, Tiefu Li, Jiafu Wang, Jinming Jiang, Zhongtao Zhang, Ruichao Zhu, Yuxiang Jia, Boheng Gui, Hong Zhang, Shaobo Qu<br/>Impedance mismatch generally exists upon interfaces between different media. This is especially true for TE-polarized waves with large ... [Opt. Express 30, 19999-20013 (2022)]

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