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Can advertisers rely on IP addresses?

Two weeks ago, Google updated the GitHub documentation for its proposed IP Protection tool to clarify that, in order to obfuscate a user’s IP address from certain designated ad tech services, it will operate across two proxies, similar to Safari's Hide IP Address feature: Both Chrome's IP Protection -- a component of Google's Privacy Sandbox...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 07:35
Podcast: How to run an analytics team (with Russell Ovans)

My guest in this week’s episode of the podcast is Russell Ovans, who recently published a book, Game Analytics: Retention and Monetization in Free-to-Play Mobile Games. Russell has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and began his career in academia before transitioning to industry and starting one of the first Western social free-to-play gaming...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 07:35
Why is Google killing cookies?

The IAB published a clinical yet critical analysis of Google’s Privacy Sandbox two weeks ago. In its report, the IAB determines that Google’s suite of advertising targeting and measurement tools – built to replace the use of third-party cookies in Chrome, which Google plans to deprecate in the second half of this year – do not accommodate...

Mon Feb 19, 2024 08:00
Introducing Darkpool Chart Explorer

I am excited today to launch Darkpool Chart Explorer, a mobile app store analytics and visualization tool. The Darkpool Chart Explorer allows most Google Play and App Store charts to be searched with a SQL-like interface, which can reveal critical insights into cyclicality, emerging app engagement trends, apps that are growing or...

Thu Feb 15, 2024 18:57
Digital Advertising, Demand Routing, and the Millionaires’ Mall

The digital advertising market is often depicted as being driven by relative, not absolute, advantage and performance. This conceptual framing requires a few assumptions: These assumptions may hold in some cases, especially for specific brand advertisers that don't generally operate under the restrictions of a return on ad spend model. But...

Wed Feb 14, 2024 08:27
Podcast: The privacy benefits of on-device processing (with Dieter Rappold and Felix Krause)

My guests on this episode of the Mobile Dev Memo podcast are ⁠Dieter Rappold⁠ and ⁠Felix Krause⁠, the founders of ⁠ContextSDK⁠, a tool that allows app developers to optimize and personalize their products using on-device contextual signals. Dieter is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and he leads business operations...

Wed Feb 14, 2024 07:26

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