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Facebook 2FA phish arrives just 28 minutes after scam domain created

The crooks hit us up with this phishing email less than half an hour after they activated their new scam domain.

“Missing Cryptoqueen” hits the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list

The "Missing Cryptoqueen" makes the American Top Ten... but not in a good way.

S3 Ep89: Sextortion, blockchain blunder, and an OpenSSL bugfix [Podcast + Transcript]

Latest episode - listen and read now! Use our advice to advise your own friends and family... let's all do our bit to stand up to scammers!

Firefox 102 fixes address bar spoofing security hole

Firefox squashes a bug that helped phishers, and brings its own helping hand to Microsoft's "Follina" saga.

Harmony blockchain loses nearly $100M due to hacked private keys

The crooks needed at least two private keys, each stored in two parts... but they got them anyway.

FTC warns of LGBTQ+ extortion scams – be aware before you share!

It's a simple jingle and it's solid advice: "If in doubt, don't give it out!"

OpenSSL issues a bugfix for the previous bugfix

Fortunately, it's not a major bugfix, which means it's easy to patch and can teach us all some useful lessons.

S3 Ep88: Phone scammers, hacking bust, and data breach fines [Podcast + Transcript]

Latest epsiode - listen (or read) now!

Capital One identity theft hacker finally gets convicted

It took three years, but the Capital One cracker was convicted in the end. Don't get caught out in a data breach of your own!

Interpol busts 2000 suspects in phone scamming takedown

Friends don't let friends get scammed. Not everyone knows how typical scams unfold, so here are some real-world examples...

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