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Gorgeous Panoramic Paintings of National Parks Now Online

The iconic illustrations by Austrian artist Heinrich Berann have been digitized in high resolution for the first time, three decades after they were created.

Explore Historic Mount Everest Expeditions Through National Geographic Maps

Sixty-five years after the first climbers summited Mount Everest, we look back on our most stunning maps of the mountain.

Explore 100 Years of National Geographic Pull-Out Maps

A century ago, National Geographic magazine started creating supplement maps, designed to adorn walls and explore every corner of our Earth in intricate detail. Here are some of the best.

Discover Fascinating Vintage Maps From National Geographic's Archives

More than 6,000 maps from the magazine's 130-year-long history have been digitally compiled for the first time.

How an Obscure Religious Sect Mapped the Cosmos

The Muggletonians believed that Earth was the center of the universe—and made beautiful maps to prove it.

Russians Were Once Banned From a Third of the U.S.

A 1957 map shows that Soviet visitors were barred from most of New York’s Long Island—and the entire state of Washington.

Antique Maps Highlight Korea’s Rich Cultural Heritage

While the Olympic spotlight is on Korea, see the intriguing ways that mapmakers have depicted the peninsula over centuries.

Ancient Maps Show Islands That Don't Really Exist

For centuries, mapmakers have conjured up islands that only exist in the imagination.

Vintage Video Explains How Road Maps Were Made in 1940

See how mapmakers painstakingly kept pace in an era when America’s road network was constantly expanding.

Vintage Map Shows Santa's Journey Around the World

A time capsule in more ways than one, a 1955 map features dozens of Santas cavorting all over the world.

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