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Formula milk: Online groups hunt for baby milk during US shortage

A shortage of infant formula across America has led parents to share supply locations online.

Cyber security: Global food supply chain at risk from malicious hackers

The growth of "smart" farm machinery is increasing the risk of hacking of food and farming systems.

Canada to ban China's Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks

The UK, US, Australia and New Zealand have also barred the Chinese telecoms equipment makers.

Twitter steps up Ukraine misinformation fight

The social media platform says it will put false claims from official accounts behind warning notices.

Could contact lenses be the ultimate computer screen?

Firms are developing smart contact lenses that can project data in front of the user's eye.

Subsea internet cables could help detect earthquakes

Optical-fibre cables could spot tsunamis or the effect of climate change on currents, researchers say.

Buffalo shooting: NY probes 'bone-chilling' social media role

Prosecutors will ask whether social platforms were "used to stream, promote, or plan" the murders.

President Rodrigo Chaves says Costa Rica is at war with Conti hackers

The Conti cartel, which is thought to be run from Russia, has upped its ransom demand to $20m (£16m).

How Gen Z is hooked on cryptocurrency and NFTs

A growing number of young people are getting into crypto trading - despite the risks.

Netflix cuts 150 US-based jobs after losing subscribers

The US streaming giant is forced to lay off staff to minimise cost of viewers quitting the service.

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