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Happy Halloween

From Little Gen Riding Hood I hope you have a great day and get to eat tons of candy!!

I found Gen’s Problem…I think

See that? I think that is root of my very stressful week! That giant crack was not there a few days ago. I went to the barn Thursday morning and bam, it was just there all of a sudden, no sign of it the night before.  Since everything was coming from heel pain, and now there is a giant crack in the heel, I think we have found the coulprit! A part of...

I literally can’t handle life when Gen is hurting

Last Friday I walked in to the barn to find something that no horse owner ever wants, a lame horse. Gen was head bobbing lame, barely able to put any weight on his left front leg, his bad leg. I was near tears when I looked down and saw his tendon swollen up, convinced that he bowed his tendon again. I called my vet, who could hear the strain in my...

I Need Your Help (and you awesome vision)

So no one is really sure how old D is, but his owner has had him for a few years now and got him when he was only a year or two off the track so we are guessing he is somewhere in the 8-10 year old range. He does have a lip tattoo, but the front part (where the letter is that indicates the year) is not very readable. We also do not know if he ever...

Happy 25th Birthday Mexican Gennyral!

My sweet Gen is 25 years old today!! To celebrate, I am going to the barn after work and stuffing his face full of treats and giving him a day full of scratchies with no brush in sight. That is right, Gen only gets 2 days a year that I can guarantee not to brush him…both his birthdays! Even at 25, my Gen is still a character! I tried to take the annual...

Silent Sunday – Enjoying Spring

10 Horse Questions for May

I have been not great about blogging even though I have plenty to write about, so I am going to try and get in the habit again. I am setting myself a very realistic goal of doing something every single week. I used to write every day, how hard can it be to write or take a picture of something once a week? So in honor of my renewed enthusiasm, I am doing...

Enjoying The Ride

I have been riding (I HAVE BEEN RIDING!!) pretty consistently for about 2 months now. I am on cloud 9 about it. I keep starting posts about what we are working on or about D himself, but with it being 2 months in and only one post about my new catch ride, I figured it was time to just post something about how happy I am! Please enjoy the handful of...

Wordless Wednesday – Contentment

Life Finds A Way

So remember my last post when I was done with riding and so I was selling everything off? //giphy.com/embed/eLpoGELHst13a via GIPHY Just as I decided I needed to stop pretending I was an equestrian, a ride has fallen in to my lap. I am riding again! Like regularly riding! I literally cleaned my spare tack and was organizing what to sell and what...

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