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posie post

imported from new jerseydirect to the columbus avenue farmers marketlilacs are bloomingi bought begonias and fushiawe get very little direct sunlighti know begonias will thrivebutfushia is new for me so fingers crossed!now i am thinking should have taken this photo from outside oh well

Tonka, you will be missed ...

my friend jameshad to say goodbye to his best friend tonkahe will be sorely missed by many

thank you

thank you to everyone who left a get well comment it is much appreciated i promise to reply to each of your emails as soon as toonman is hometil thenhere's a shot i took on the ride home from hospital tuesday evening

okay, just one more

wordy post ahead

recently toonman hasnt been wellhe gave me permission to 'discuss'(not his word) his whatsgoin' ondecided to do it tonite becausei spent the last 4-5 hours in emergency i should start at the beginningtoonman has chronic kidney diseasehas had for 12 yrs or soonly over the last 6 monthshe's had concerning symptomsat the end of february he was terribly...

more tulips

i wondered last week if the city got a discount on tulip bulbsthey're everywhere brightening the citythese are in the window box of a building on my streeti think the tenant works in the floral industrythere are always gorgeous flowers orexquisite foliageplantedthose are multi petal'dthey'reeitherof theparrot or frenchvarietyi googled both and cant...


a few weekends agotoonman wondered if we could have waffles or pancakesi reminded him there was no pancake mixwe dont do from scratchalsowe had no waffle ironmaybe it was the next day maybe it was later the same dayi bought a waffle maker on amazonnext time i went to the marketi bought waffle mixi bought maple syrupsunday morning(yesterday)we finally...

the other afternoon

i was walking behind that dog walker and his pack of smaller poocheswhen he stopped at my neighbor's placei smiledshe has a big black wolfish looking dogyup

tulips everywhere

uptowndowntownall 'round towni guess all those april showers havent hurt

people watching

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