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Random posting on Geology and Paleontology with a bit of spunk and sass thrown in.

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Remembering Dr. Leo Carson Davis

Dr. Carson Davis at the 2004 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting with ReBecca Hunt-Foster and Blaine Shubert, at the time we were the only three vertebrate paleontologist in the state of Arkansas!I met Dr. Davis in person around the summer of 1994. I was 15 years old and had an interest in vertebrate paleontology. His name had been passed on...

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum project has gone global!

Dusting off the old blog to help out a good cause. Below is a message from the good folks at Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative (PCDI). They have started a crowd-funding campaign in order to raise money to build the The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum. Please read their press release below and think of contributing!Hope everyone is well out there!...

Summer Field Paleontologist needed

Job Title:  Summer Field PaleontologistLocation: Standing Rock Indian Reservation ND/SD Job Description:  The Standing Rock Indian Reservation is one of the largest reservations in the United States and the only Tribe with a Paleontology Department.  Under the direction of the Tribal Paleontologist - consultants, students and volunteers assist in fieldwork...

Got Geologic maps?

I am interested in obtaining some used/torn/brittle/old/new/or no-longer-needed geologic maps (or even topos). Does anyone have any they would like to get rid of or see given a second life? Something gathering dust in your lab or shoved in a corner? Just leave me a comment here or send me an email. Thanks! © ReBecca K. Hunt-Foste

Variation in the skull of Anchiceratops, a horned dinosaur from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation

Enjoy this video by my friend Jordan on is work with Anchiceratops: Thanks to Tom H. for the heads up!  © ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster

Perspectives on Field Paleontology

© Darrin Pagnac - you rock. Thanks Darrin

Happy Steno Day

I hope everyone had a good day and remembered to celebrate the 374th birthday of Nicolas Steno. Google celebrated his birthday with a good doodle:  Thanks to Steve for the heads up on the doodle. © ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy birthday to Jimmy Buffett as well. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!Thanks to T. Holz for the heads up on this gem! © ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster

Tragedy #363

Link© ReBecca K. Hunt-Foster

Job openings: internships, summer field work and even a few "real" jobs

For all those students and recent graduates who are going to be looking for work this summer, now is the time to start paying attention (there are even a few "real" jobs showing up). Jobs and internships have started to be advertised and are often popping up until around February/March, so keep your eyes peeled. Check the SVP jobs page for updates as...

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