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German glassmaker holds key to COVID-19 vaccine supply

As the world waits anxiously for a COVID-19 vaccine, a German company is doing its bit to ensure that the shot reaches you with its potency intact. Ashutosh Pandey reports from its Mainz headquarters. It's lunchtime at Schott's sprawling campus in Mainz, home to the glassmaker's headquarters ... Read full article »

Coronavirus: The race to save Germany

With relatively low exposure to the coronavirus, health experts in Germany say the country won't be safe until there is a viable vaccine. Berlin has promised funding to three German companies racing to save lives. Germany doesn't have enough cases of coronavirus, and that could become a problem in ... Read full article »

Africa: The big rip-off in arms deals

Africa's armies are kitting out: The US and Europe, in particular, spend big to support countries on the continent in the war on terror. That has drawn corrupt arms dealers to the scene. South African author and former ruling African National Congress MP Andrew Feinstein has been researching international ... Read full article »

Germany's new climate charter: What will it change?

Germany has announced a new "climate charter" to help businesses achieve renewable energy goals. But with the EU's new increased targets for emissions-cutting, will Germany be able to keep up? The coronavirus pandemic has altered economic priorities for governments around the world. But as wildfires ... Read full article »

Coronavirus: India will take 'years' to recover from unemployment crisis

Job losses and economic malaise in India show no sign of slowing as the impact of the coronavirus continues to batter almost every sector. Experts say recovery will be long and difficult. India's massive work force is being hit hard by coronavirus. As many as 21 million salaried jobs have been lost ... Read full article »

West Coast fires will cost US economy dearly

The wildfires ravaging America's West Coast have sent thousands fleeing and will leave behind destruction, uncertainty and huge bills. The disruption to the economy should not be underestimated. The many wildfires roaring through America's West Coast don't just look scary, they are bad for people's ... Read full article »

After the Wirecard scandal, fintech sector faces scrutiny and questions of trust

The downfall of Wirecard has badly exposed the lax regulation by financial services authorities in Germany. It has also raised questions about the wider fintech sector, which continues to grow rapidly. The summer of 2018 was a heady one to be involved in the fast-blooming fintech sector. Fresh from ... Read full article »

Trump and the US economy: What can he take credit for?

Donald Trump promised to tear up trade deals and bring back jobs to the US rust belt lost to globalization. Pandemic aside, the American economy has boomed since 2016, but how much is down to the president's policies? In the 2016 US presidential election, large swaths of working-class Barack Obama voters ... Read full article »

Are EU-China trade relations at a crossroads?

European leaders were angry about Xinjiang camps and the Hong Kong crackdown. A long-awaited EU-China summit produced sharper rhetoric but nothing substantive as the bloc struggles to find a coherent approach to China. Unmoved by a flurry of sporting metaphors about level playing fields and clearly not ... Read full article »

Asian economies to shrink for first time in 60 years

Due to the devastating and prolonged effects of COVID-19, Asian economies are expected to end the year in negative territory for the first time since the 1960s, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank. The economies in Asian countries from the Pacific to the Eurasian Steppe will contract ... Read full article »

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