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China's Evergrande reaches deal on key bond payment

The sprawling real estate firm caused financial markets to panic amid fears it could default on a huge interest payment. This agreement with bondholders has calmed the market for now. Chinese property giant Evergrande said on Wednesday it had agreed on a multimillion yuan deal with domestic bondholders. This ... Read full article »

Is Germany about to take a big step into the digital future?

As Germans go to the polls to elect a new government, what can they expect for their digital future? What are the various parties promising and why does Europe's biggest economy need to play catch-up anyhow? The future is all technology all the time. Competitiveness will depend on connectivity. Nothing ... Read full article »

Artificial intelligence a key challenge for Germany's next government

Germany's reputation as an industrial powerhouse could be on the line if the country fails to integrate artificial intelligence technology. Succeeding will require addressing several smaller issues first. Germany has long been a leader in science and engineering. Now, with artificial intelligence (AI) ... Read full article »

China's Evergrande default risks spook global markets

Debt troubles at the property group have been dragging down global markets as investors assess the implications of a credit default. Evergrande is struggling to raise funds it needs to pay its many lenders this week. Global stocks sank on Monday amid fears that a possible collapse of beleaguered Chinese ... Read full article »

Europeans brace for hard winter as energy price surge hits households

Energy costs are soaring in Europe, with ordinary citizens and businesses worst-hit. Weather has played a big role, although there are also questions over Russia's gas supply. The onset of winter is adding to worries. All across Europe, electricity bills for households and businesses have been rising ... Read full article »

Germany chooses to walk colorblind into the hydrogen future

Germany sees "green hydrogen" as the silver bullet for carbon neutrality in sectors with particularly stubborn emissions. But a national hydrogen plan is a source of heated debate, and may see changes after the election. In one of its final pieces of legislation, the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel ... Read full article »

Germany's bigger DAX-40 gets going

Starting Monday, Germany's blue-chip DAX index will include 10 more companies to become the DAX-40. Selection criteria have been decisively changed. The 10 newcomers — in the order of their market value — are Airbus, Zalando, Siemens Healthineers, HelloFresh, Symrise, Sartorius, Porsche Automobile ... Read full article »

Lebanon resumes forensic central bank audit amid obstructionism

The Lebanese government has resumed a long-awaited forensic audit meant to shed light on why the nation is on life support. But the political establishment is trying to hamper the scrutiny. Lebanon is resuming a long-awaited forensic audit to shed light on the financial disaster that mired the country ... Read full article »

German Dieselgate trial begins without ex-VW boss Martin Winterkorn

A time-consuming investigation and the pandemic held up court proceedings against those deemed responsible for the VW emissions scandal. But while four VW executives stand trial, their ex-boss is still dodging justice. It's almost exactly six years ago that the emissions scandal of German carmaker ... Read full article »

Will coronavirus vaccine mandates make workers leave their jobs?

Mandates in the US, France and elsewhere are requiring certain workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But many say they'd rather leave a job than get the jab. Can an economy in crisis handle the blow? A controversial new mandate in the US will require millions of workers to get vaccinated against ... Read full article »

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