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Italy inks gas deals with Libya's contested government

Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has signed a gas deal worth billions on a visit to Libya. The plan is for Italian and Libyan energy giants to jointly develop two offshore gas fields. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited Tripoli on Saturday for talks with the internationally-recognized ... Read full article »

Germany's Olaf Scholz kicks off South America trip

The German chancellor will visit Argentina, Chile and Brazil in a bid to forge stronger economic ties. Over 1,000 German firms are currently doing business in Brazil alone. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz departed Europe for South America on Saturday, where he will visit the region's top three economies. Scholz ... Read full article »

Could layoffs in tech jobs spread to rest of US economy?

Silicon Valley firms are facing the music, cutting several hundred thousand jobs after years of incredible growth. Economists are divided over whether the US economy is heading for recession and soaring unemployment. First a trickle, then a stream and now a torrent. US tech giants are cutting thousands ... Read full article »

North Korea teetering on the brink of a humanitarian crisis

Pyongyang's COVID-19 response, military aggression and disregard for its citizens may be leading to large-scale starvation. High prices and lack of access already mean some are going without food. North Korea is currently experiencing a dire food crisis, with analysts warning the present situation could ... Read full article »

Air India: The 'flying maharajah' gears up to rise again

After multiple mergers, a privatized Air India is set to become the region's dominant airline once again. A record aircraft order is intended to renew its fleet after decades of government neglect. When Asian airline expert and journalist Vasuki Shastry took an Air India flight in January this year, ... Read full article »

EU approves two insects for human consumption

Swapping steaks for crickets can cut greenhouse gas pollution and slow species extinction, but persuading people to eat them will be tricky. The maggot-like larvae of lesser mealworms — a type of shiny black beetle — and house crickets will become the third and fourth insects that can be ... Read full article »

How hunger is keeping Sri Lankan children away from school

Sri Lankan children are skipping school because of hunger and poverty. Some schools have even requested parents not to send their children without giving any food. During recent months, Nadeeka Priyadharshani, a garment factory worker living in Katunayake, close to Sri Lanka's major international ... Read full article »

India: War in Ukraine robs diamond city of its sparkle

The Russia-Ukraine war has prompted a crisis in the city of Surat in western India leading to thousands of diamond industry workers losing their jobs. Mahesh Patel, 41, has been cutting and polishing diamonds for nearly two decades for various companies in the city of Surat, one of the world's largest ... Read full article »

Germany to escape recession, government projections show

The German economy is withstanding the aftershock of the Ukraine war better than prior projections showed. Germany is expected to narrowly avoid a recession this year, the government said on Wednesday, as Europe's biggest economy withstands the aftershock of the Ukraine war better than prior projections ... Read full article »

Slovakia's auto industry faces painful EV transition

With the help of German auto giants, Slovakia has become a hub for car manufacturing, making more cars per capita than any other country in the world. But will it survive the end of the combustion engine era? Slowly but gradually the turquoise-green license plates issued for electric cars in Slovakia ... Read full article »

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