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Labor shortages are back to haunt Czech economy

There were not enough skilled workers in the Czech Republic before the coronavirus crisis hit the country. Now that the nation is in the process of reopening its economy, the problem is coming back with a vengeance. Just two weeks after getting the green light to reopen Amano at the end of May, Ondrej ... Read full article »

Bitcoin's volatility: What you need to know

The price of Bitcoin dropped below the all-important $30,000-mark after China made several moves to rein in the cryptocurrency. The fall could trigger a sell-off, but experts say China isn't as important as it once was. Cryptowatchers were on edge this week after a crackdown on Bitcoin in China sent ... Read full article »

5 years after Brexit vote, economics still a marginal concern

It's been five years since the UK voted to leave the EU. The vote appalled those who saw it as economic self-sabotage. But those in favor of leaving were not swayed by economic arguments — and likely still aren't today. It was 4 a.m, on June 24, 2016 and the midsummer sun was just beginning to light ... Read full article »

Greens' chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock faces industry leaders

All eyes were on the candidate for chancellor from Germany's Greens on Tuesday. She sought to reassure CEOs and industry players at the annual Day of German Industry that her party would not overburden companies. Annalena Baerbock is the first candidate of the environmentalist Greens to have a significant ... Read full article »

Who is Lina Khan, the new US antitrust watchdog?

The new head of the US Federal Trade Commission has made a name for herself criticizing Big Tech. At 32, Lina Khan is the youngest commissioner in the agency's history. Just weeks after world leaders agreed to support greater taxation of multinational companies, US Big Tech firms now have another reason ... Read full article »

High price and range anxiety stops Germans from buying e-cars

Germany wants to have 10 million electric cars on the road by 2030 in a bid to meet its climate targets. But it's not just the cost and limited range that's deterring drivers to go along with this ambitious plan. Germany's long-established car industry is embarking on a historic transformation to ... Read full article »

China, India drive Asia to defy COVID-19-induced investment slump

The region was an exception in a year that saw foreign investments crash to greater depths than after the 2009 global financial crisis. The steep fall could have painful implications for Africa's industrialization bid. Foreign direct investment inflows to Asia rose 4% to $535 billion (€449 billion) ... Read full article »

Battery recycling gains speed as new EU regulation pushes investment

As the popularity of electric vehicles starts to grow explosively, so does the pile of used batteries. Only about half of them are currently recycled. New EU regulation could boost investment in the nascent industry. In the yard of the Redux recycling company in Bremerhaven, Germany, a truck is slowly ... Read full article »

CureVac's COVID vaccine efficacy a blow to Tesla-backed firm's mRNA ambitions

The German biotech company has had a dream run since its market debut in August as investors bet on its mRNA platform. But the firm's fortunes seem to be turning after its COVID-19 vaccine showed disappointing efficacy. Just over a year ago, CureVac was among the most sought-after biotech firms in the ... Read full article »

Vaccinations and rain can revive Indian auto industry

The pandemic-induced economic slowdown has hit India hard. Prospects for the vehicle sector hang on the monsoon season and a successful vaccination campaign. India's automotive sector, which contributes 7.1% of India's gross domestic product (GDP), has been pushed back into the slow lane by the ... Read full article »

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