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Russia-Ukraine war takes center stage at Davos World Economic Forum

For the first time in its over 50-year history, the annual gathering in the Swiss resort town is taking place against the backdrop of a major war in Europe. But that's not the only thing which sets this year's WEF apart. Lush green meadows have replaced the familiar white blanket of snow as the Davos ... Read full article »

One tiny company is wrecking the American solar industry – why?

A small US solar panels manufacturer is pushing for high tariffs on imports. This threatens the Biden administration's climate goals and the industry as a whole. The American solar industry is on its knees, and the unlikely culprit is one tiny, struggling company you've probably never heard of. Auxin ... Read full article »

US natural gas price spikes as demand from Europe grows

Natural gas prices in the United States have hit a 13-year high, partly due to Europe's demand for alternative energy sources in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Americans have until recently been spared the dramatic hike in natural gas prices seen in other regions of the world. While energy ... Read full article »

The dangers of app-based delivery work

While new delivery startups boast about record investment earnings, many of their workers complain about tiring work, poor compensation and organizational issues. Paul Krantz reports from Berlin. The delivery service business gained popularity in Berlin a little over a decade ago, when firms like Berlin-based ... Read full article »

NATO application puts Finland's Russian trade on thin ice

As Finland moves to join NATO, DW wonders how hard the economic impact of delinking economically with Russia could be. The other NATO wannabe, Sweden, has far less to worry about. Sweden's exports to Russia were worth $2.49 billion (€2.27 billion) in 2021, a mere 1.3% of its total exports, according ... Read full article »

India: Will LIC stake sale trigger a big privatization push?

India's largest insurer has made its debut on the stock market after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government divested a small stake in it. But a big privatization drive in the near future appears unlikely. The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) made its debut on the stock exchange on Tuesday ... Read full article »

Explainer: Northern Ireland Protocol continues to cast its shadow

On Tuesday, the UK government will announce planned legislation on the Northern Ireland Protocol that could end up killing its post-Brexit deal with the EU. A trade war could follow. The Northern Ireland Protocol is back in the news. Indeed, it has never really gone away. Neither a two-year global pandemic ... Read full article »

Lockdowns cripple Chinese economy

The Chinese economy is slowing down markedly as strict lockdowns send big cities into hibernation. Repercussions will be felt in Germany, too. China is currently experiencing a pronounced economic slowdown. According to official Chinese data published Monday, industrial output in the Asian nation dropped ... Read full article »

Russia looms large at EU-US trade and tech talks in Paris

A trans-Atlantic forum meant to bring Washington and Brussels closer on digital and trade issues has switched gears to tackle global trade and supply chain disruptions sparked by Russia's ongoing aggression in Ukraine. The second meeting of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) near Paris on Monday ... Read full article »

Turkey witnesses bitcoin frenzy amid economic turmoil

Cryptocurrency ownership is soaring in Turkey as high inflation and a weak lira prompt Turks to seek ways to preserve the value of their savings. Concerns rise about a fast-growing industry and legislation is overdue. Turkey witnessed an unusual coin toss at the recent Istanbul football derby between ... Read full article »

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