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Porsche to produce fuel 'as clean' as electric vehicles

Although the German luxury carmaker is making huge investments in electromobility, Porsche says its cleaner synthetic fuel will allow older models of its performance car range to stay on the road for longer. The transition to electric vehicles may be the auto industry's main priority, but Porsche ... Read full article »

National People's Congress: China plans 'green transformation' of economy

The NPC is China's biggest annual political event. On the agenda this year are the economy's "green transformation" and the nation's continued rise as a global power. The National People's Congress, China's annual parliamentary event, opens Friday in Beijing. For the second straight year, it ... Read full article »

EU energy investments: Will 2021 be decisive?

As the EU starts to tap into its €750 billion pandemic recovery fund, climate projects will likely focus on less ambitious energy-saving projects. And few EU companies are prepared to take the lead in clean tech. The European Commission is putting forward many pieces of legislation with the aim of stimulating ... Read full article »

Diversity: The road to success

Diversity is a good thing and necessary for companies. Several studies on the subject show that diversity is a prerequisite for larger economic success, but it can also trigger new conflicts. It's not a new revelation that diversity is good for companies. "Germany is a diverse country, and a ... Read full article »

Mental health crisis a threat to the Philippine economy

In the Philippines, economic anxiety, declining mental health, the prohibitive cost of seeking help and the risk of further economic damage feed off each other in a vicious spiral. The coronavirus sent Paul Dalmacio, 40, into a busy intensive care unit in Manila for 10 days. The severity of his case ... Read full article »

The future of the automobile lies in bytes, not horsepower

As the auto industry is transitioning toward electric vehicles, ever more software is being built into our cars. Long-time industry leaders like BMW and Daimler are facing huge IT threats to their engineering prowess. If you buy a conventional car these days, you may rest assured that nothing basic will ... Read full article »

Saxony: Where smart rail connections are not just a dream

People usually associate the future of automated driving with cars and maybe trucks and buses. But as Hardy Graupner reports from Annaberg in Germany, the technology is also making inroads into railroad traffic. When Sören Claus talks about the project he heads as chief technical officer from his modest ... Read full article »

Spain: Why Seville oranges are the new green

Seville's municipal water company is piloting a scheme to produce electricity using leftovers from the city's famous oranges. The project showcases the Spanish city's commitment to the circular economy. In the southern Spanish city of Seville, the municipal water company has introduced a pilot scheme ... Read full article »

COVID: Is working from home really here to stay?

Remote working will not remain standard for Goldman Sachs staff once the pandemic is over, the bank's CEO has said. With many companies saying the opposite, the future of office work could come down to a compromise. When Kelly Sutamto* moved from Germany to China in 2019 for her husband's job, the ... Read full article »

How Taiwan beat China to be Asia's top-performing economy

For the first time in three decades, Taiwan outpaced China's economy in 2020. The island's handling of the coronavirus pandemic was the envy of the world, while demand for its semiconductors spurred growth. The world gasped in amazement at China's impressive 6% to 11% annual GDP growth over the past ... Read full article »

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