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Nazi-era phonetic alphabet to be revised with Jewish names

D as in "Dora" — or "David"? The Nazis had eliminated Jewish names from the German spelling alphabet. The names are to return, at least symbolically. It is a common situation during a phone call: the person on the other end misunderstands a word, or spelling out a name becomes necessary. To clarify or ... Read full article »

What Is Your Favorite European Bridge?

Bridges are not just useful for crossing rivers, railway tracks or roads. They are also popular photographic and postcard motifs. Some are architectural masterpieces. What is your favorite bridge in Europe? Bridges are a source of fascination. They serve as a symbol for understanding and a testing challenge ... Read full article »

Pandemic pondering: German expressions using time

In the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, people have redefined their notion of time. The German language is rich in idioms to reflect on the concept. When the world is hustling and bustling about, many people would say they don't have enough time to even think. But as the world slowed down in various ... Read full article »

Back Lives Matter ranked most influential in art in 2020

British magazine ArtReview's annual "Power 100" ranking names the most influential people in art. In 2020, a movement made it to the top: Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter, or BLM: For the first time, a political movement made it to first spot in Britain's ArtReview Power 100 ranking of the ... Read full article »

Notre Dame: Christmas concert in an empty cathedral

For the first time since a fire ravaged the building a year and a half ago, a choir will sing in the famous Paris cathedral. The highly symbolic Christmas Eve concert is to take place in the construction site. "Notre-Dame is a bit like our home," Henry Chalet, conductor of the Notre Dame Choir ... Read full article »

Nouvelle Vague filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard at 90

Jean-Luc Godard is recognized as one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, but his political beliefs contributed to a difficult relationship with the film establishment. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, a small group of French filmmakers turned cinema on its head. The Nouvelle Vague, ... Read full article »

Elliot Page comes out as transgender

The Oscar-nominated "Juno" star has revealed that he was now Elliot Page. Here's more on his career. Elliot Page announced on Tuesday on social media that he was a transgender man, choosing the pronouns he/they: "I feel so happy to write this, to be here, to have reached this point in my life," ... Read full article »

Testing photo editing apps: "Carbon for iOS"

If you want to take pictures with your smartphone and quickly share beautiful results, you need effective image editing tools. DW Digital tests the most popular apps. This week: "Carbon for iOS". Actually, "Carbon" is called an black and white filter app. However, only five of these filters ... Read full article »

What you like most about the fall season!

We wanted to know what you like most about autumn and how you like to enjoy the fall season. Here, you can find out if you’ve won a DW backpack with content in exclusive DW design. In Europe, autumn is a special time of the year, as colourful leaves and shorter days create a unique atmosphere. In the ... Read full article »

Germany's 16 states: Hamburg

The north German port city is Germany's second largest city. It's a Hanseatic beauty with amazing contrasts. Elegant and rough, green and urban - always startling and unexpected. Hamburg is a city-state. A rainy, stiff breeze often blows over the city, but true Hamburg natives and their guests don't ... Read full article »

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