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Strategies for survival: How to reverse biodiversity loss

Biodiversity sustains us and all life on Earth. But unchecked human activity is pushing a record number of species to extinction. These strategies are used to bring some back from the brink. When hundreds of elephants were found dead in northern Botswana in a mysterious mass die-off this July, scientists ... Read full article »

Opinion: Ending COVID could be a new dawn for climate

The fear that the coronavirus pandemic has stifled urgent action to mitigate the climate emergency discounts some potential opportunities, writes DW's Stuart Braun. When UN chief Antonio Guterres said Wednesday that "there is no vaccine for the planet," it was a potential shot in the arm for ... Read full article »

UN chief Antonio Guterres: 'There's no vaccine for the planet'

As record temperatures, severe drought and fast-warming seas confirm still-rising emissions, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres makes a plea for carbon neutrality. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed the dire threat of climate change today in a speech on the state of the planet delivered ... Read full article »

Oceans key to solving climate crisis, say world leaders

Co-chaired by Palau and Norway, the Ocean Panel of 14 coastal nations has declared its commitment to 100% ocean sustainability by 2025 under the guise of a 'blue economy'. Covering over 70% of the earth's surface, oceans have massive unlocked potential to fight climate change, and to drive robust, ... Read full article »

Mexico: Forest-friendly dairy farming in Chiapas

Small-scale farmers in Chiapas are learning to raise crops and cattle without damaging their forest home. Project goal: Help small-scale dairy farmers to fence in their livestock, reforest their lands and add value to their produce Project implementation: The BioPaSOS project had aimed to serve 1,200 ... Read full article »

Koala rescue: 1 orphaned joey, and her species' fight for survival

When Kailas Wild saved a baby koala, it gave him hope for the future of a whole species under threat. One morning in February, after the worst of Australia's devastating bushfires had smoldered out, Kailas Wild headed out into the charred blue gum plantations of Kangaroo Island, off the country's ... Read full article »

Biden's climate policy: What does John Kerry's appointment mean for the environment?

US president-elect Joe Biden has chosen a seasoned diplomat to spearhead his climate policy. The long-term goal of going carbon-neutral by 2050 is bold and clear, but is it still achievable? The nomination of John Kerry, who signed the Paris Climate Accord on behalf of the US in 2016, underscores president-elect ... Read full article »

Coronavirus: Can we make our masks fully eco-friendly?

With face masks littering the environment, the search is on for sustainable solutions. Could they be recycled into new products? Or might masks made from organic materials cut pandemic pollution? Jean-Marc Neveu and Olivier Civil never expected to find themselves battling against disposable mask pollution. ... Read full article »

The dark side of Italian hazelnut farming

As Italian hazelnut plantations expand to cater to our love of chocolate and nougat, they are leaving a bitter aftertaste on local soil, water and air. As the early morning mist clears to reveal the turrets of San Quirico Castle in central Italy, the greenery surrounding local farmhouses comes alive ... Read full article »

Will Saudi Arabia derail G20 climate-led recovery?

A pandemic recovery plan to be thrashed out at this weekend's G20 summit is to have strong climate conditions, even with 'climate villain' Saudi Arabia at the helm. Saudi Arabia's state-owned petroleum giant, Saudi Aramco, has emitted significantly more CO2 than any other major fossil fuel company ... Read full article »

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