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Sprakebüll: A German village embraces a solar future

While Germany mulls over better solutions for a climate-friendly future, one northern village has already made the transition. And its residents say the benefits are worth every penny. DW pays a visit to Sprakebüll. "I am proud of Sprakebüll. It's great to be a part of this, to hear people from ... Read full article »

Earth Overshoot Day moves forward by nearly a month

The COVID effect didn't last. Earth Overshoot Day, the day humanity exceeds its yearly allotment of the planet's biological assets, is nearly back to its record high. What can be done to ease the burden? After a temporary reprieve due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Earth Overshoot Day — the day humanity ... Read full article »

Illegal gold mining on Colombia's rivers rising: UN

The illegal activity has caused major environmental damage in Colombia, one of the world's most biodiverse countries. Officials say the spike in mining is also deeply concerning "because it has ties to organized crime." The illegal mining of gold from rivers and waterways in Colombia is increasing, the ... Read full article »

Climate tipping points are now imminent, scientists warn

Around 13,000 researchers have called for urgent action to slow down the climate emergency as extreme weather patterns shock the world. They listed three core measures. Thousands of scientists reiterated calls for immediate action over the climate crisis in an article published Wednesday in the journal ... Read full article »

Greece: Extreme drought sparks forest fires

Strong winds are hampering firefighters' efforts. Alerts have been sent to residents warning them to "be ready to follow instructions." More than 50 bush and forest fires broke out in Greece on Tuesday. Authorities reported a fire in a forest at the base of Mount Penteli north of Athens which was approaching ... Read full article »

Locals fight to recover Italy's lost farming terraces 

As small-scale farmers have struggled to compete against industrial agriculture, the charm and environmental benefits of terraces have faded from the landscape. Can they be restored? "There are terraces there, and even up there," says Cinzia Zonta, pointing to the hillside above the Brenta ... Read full article »

Iran: Drought, water shortages spark protests

The government has been taken aback — yet poor management of the country's water resources is a well-known and longstanding problem. People in Iran's southwestern Khuzestan province are desperate. Suffering from drought and water shortages since March, they've taken to the streets in the last ... Read full article »

Big Solar: Where do large solar power plants pay off?

Are solar power plants only profitable in the desert or also in gray northern Europe? Can the sun provide sufficient energy to factories? And where are we going to find space for PV modules? Some answers for the future. Solar energy has become extremely cheap. In the desert of Saudi Arabia electricity ... Read full article »

US: Massive California blaze triggers lightning fears

Smoke columns from fires in the US state of California could spawn lightning storms that cause more blazes, experts warn. Several communities have been evacuated. A fire in northern California has grown so large that it is creating its own weather system, with officials warning that lightning storms ... Read full article »

Is e-mobility going to crash over lithium shortages?

The European Union is counting on electric vehicles to help it meet its climate goals. But, as demand for e-cars soars, certain raw materials are running short. And the biggest challenge is yet to come. The year 2020 wasn't just the year of the pandemic — it was also the year that e-mobility ... Read full article »

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