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Learning to live with water scarcity

Regions around the world are facing drought and water shortage, even where rain was once abundant — and that will only worsen as the planet warms. In many parts of the world, cities and countries are learning to adapt. Back in 2018, taps in Cape Town, South Africa almost ran dry, making it the world's ... Read full article »

Batteries versus e-fuels: Which is better?

DW explores the best solutions for small and commercial vehicles as battery-fueled EVs get cheaper and more "climate-neutral" e-fuels prepare to hit the market. Beyond the Tesla electric vehicle (EV) hype, battery-powered cars are finally starting to dominate a market long ruled by the combustion engine. In ... Read full article »

Kyrgyzstan: Protecting pasture to protect walnut forests

In the mountain village of Arslanbob, a smartphone app is helping communities get the most out of their grazing lands, and in turn protect the world's largest natural walnut forest. Kyrgyzstan's ancient walnut forest spans tens of thousands of acres across the flanks of the Babash-Alta mountains. ... Read full article »

Climate change made deadly South Asian heat wave '30 times more likely'

The burning of fossil fuels like coal and gas supercharged the heat wave that has scorched India and Pakistan in recent weeks, two separate attribution studies have found. Climate change has strengthened a heat wave that for several weeks has been scorching the homes of more than 1 billion people. The ... Read full article »

Opinion: Time for high-emitting Australians to vote for real climate action

DW reporter Stuart Braun fled catastrophic Australian bushfires in 2009. Since then climate extremes have only intensified. With leaders slow to act, voters must force change at the ballot box on May 21, he writes. After two years of the most catastrophic, climate-induced flooding and wildfires in modern ... Read full article »

Eco-fascism: The greenwashing of the far right

White-supremacist killers are invoking environmental concerns to justify murder. But what is eco-fascism and why are people attracted to it? At least three far-right massacres in recent years have been allegedly perpetrated by people who identify as eco-fascists. The accused murderer of 10 Black people ... Read full article »

Carbon pollution pushed environmental breakdown to record levels in 2021

People have warped the climate so much that in 2021 four critical measures of planetary health broke records. Oceans grew hotter, higher and more acidic than ever documented, said the World Meteorological Organization. Humanity has clogged the atmosphere with so much heat-trapping gas that four critical ... Read full article »

Droughts, fires and floods: Could climate change decide Australia's election?

Australia, a major coal exporter and one of the worst per capita emitters, goes to the polls Saturday. The result could be decisive for global climate goals, as voters demand lawmakers do more to cut emissions. The results of the Australian election this Saturday will set the climate agenda for one of ... Read full article »

COP15: Ivory Coast hosts desertification talks

The COP15 conference is meeting to address issues of land degradation, advancing deserts and deforestation. Experts and activists hope that this will not be just another high-level conference with no concrete results. The 15th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the United Nations Convention ... Read full article »

The perilous life of migratory birds

Climate change is making their journeys longer and harder, window panes and power lines are deadly obstacles, and hunters lie in wait with nets. But there is plenty we can do to help, not harm, our feathered friends. There are roughly 10,000 species of birds on Earth, and just under half of them are ... Read full article »

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