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'Wildfires are climate fires': How to talk about climate emergency, global heating  

In a year of record-breaking fires in the US, Australia and beyond, calls are growing to refer to 'climate fires' instead of wildfires. In the face of climate denial, the link to global heating must be unambiguous.   "These are not just wildfires, they are climate fires," Jay Inslee, Governor ... Read full article »

Toxic ozone at ground level threatens food crops

Basic food crops for millions of people worldwide are endangered because of surging ground-level ozone concentration. Indian farms are among those most at risk. Scientists are now racing to make plants more resistant. The alarming discovery of an increasing hole in the planet's ozone layer in 1985 ... Read full article »

All 20 biodiversity targets missed as pollution, climate change rage on: UN report

The world has failed to meet any of its biodiversity targets, the UN said in a landmark report published every five years. Extinction rates would likely have been three to four times higher without conservation efforts. The natural world in 2020 was supposed to look promising: richer, better protected ... Read full article »

Why cheap groceries will hurt us all in the long run

If the true environmental costs were part of the price tag, food in Germany would have to be much more expensive. Researchers have now calculated just how much more. One supermarket in Berlin is testing the waters. Roughly €3 ($3.50) for half a kilo of meat, €2 for 10 eggs and less than a euro ... Read full article »

Black Birders Week: Changing the face of bird-watching

When a white woman called the cops on an African American bird-watcher in New York, a group of Black nature lovers pushed back. They launched #BlackBirdersWeek, a campaign to encourage birding among people of color. Earlier this year, an incident in New York's Central Park sparked a conversation ... Read full article »

'We are not locked into fossil fuels in Africa'

As Africa develops faster, countries are shifting their focus to investment in renewable energy. The director of think tank Power Shift Africa explains how the continent can embark on a journey toward a green future. Africa currently accounts for less than 4% of global carbon emissions. But across the ... Read full article »

Wildfires: Can we adapt to live with them?

Fires linked to climate change are increasing in severity and frequency in many parts of the world. California, Australia and Brazil are burning. Can we live alongside fires, or will they force communities to relocate? This time last year, as Australia emerged from winter to spring, the first flames ... Read full article »

Trump and Biden: Little room for climate change in US election

As the US faces wildfires and storms, climate change remains one of the most divisive topics among voters. Yet despite the high stakes, so far, it has played a minor role in the upcoming election. US President Donald Trump has undone many major pieces of climate policy during his term, walking out on ... Read full article »

Portuguese youth activists sue 33 countries over climate change

In the latest example of a wave of climate litigation across the world, six young people this week filed a case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, asking for accountability around the climate crisis. In what is being described as an unprecedented climate case, four children and two ... Read full article »

Vanessa Nakate: 'Many people are not yet aware of the dangers of climate change'

As a prominent Fridays for Future activist, Vanessa Nakate tells DW how climate activism looks different in her native Uganda and why she's recently been tweeting in German. From Uganda and in her early 20s, Vanessa Nakate started protesting against climate inaction outside the Ugandan government gates ... Read full article »

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