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Can California turn flooding into a solution to endless drought?

A series of storms flooded California for weeks, and yet drought conditions persist. Could allowing flooding in the right places be a solution to water shortages? It's early in the morning in the city of Fresno, central California, and water management expert Laura Ramos sounds relieved to hear the ... Read full article »

Japan, South Korea hit by travel chaos amid winter storms

Heavy snowfall in Japan and subzero temperatures in South Korea have caused widespread disruption and impacted travel during Lunar New Year holidays. At least one person has died in Japan and two other deaths were being investigated in connection with record low temperatures in the country, Chief Cabinet ... Read full article »

If snow is Earth's 'sunscreen,' what happens when it's gone?

No snow means no winter sports. But a lack of the white stuff is also bad news for shipping, agriculture and power supply. A look into how snow protects mountains and helps curb climate change. From Germany and France to the Czech Republic, many European ski resorts aren't exactly a winter wonderland ... Read full article »

EU approves two insects for human consumption

Swapping steaks for crickets can cut greenhouse gas pollution and slow species extinction, but persuading people to eat them will be tricky. The maggot-like larvae of lesser mealworms — a type of shiny black beetle — and house crickets will become the third and fourth insects that can be ... Read full article »

German government sued over 'failure' to meet climate targets

A prominent environmental group accused Berlin of failing to meet its own climate goals. It is asking for an emergency program to salvage the targets. A German environmental group is suing the government for purportedly failing to meet climate targets that pave the way for reaching climate neutrality ... Read full article »

Germany to join Mediterranean hydrogen pipeline project

The hydrogen pipeline will bring "green" gas from the Iberian Peninsula to the rest of Europe. France, Portugal, and Spain previously agreed to build the pipeline, which should be operational by 2030. Germany will join a new hydrogen pipeline project between Spain, Portugal and France, according to the ... Read full article »

German farmers rally for government support

Thousands of farmers from across Germany converged in Berlin for an annual protest calling for more financial assistance and fairer taxes. The protest comes at the start of Berlin's International Green Week. Thousands of farmers gathered in Berlin for a protest marking the capital city's annual International ... Read full article »

Germany: RWE to seek compensation from anti-coal protesters

The energy company said protesters caused considerable damage to property in Lützerath. Activists had been demonstrating against the expansion of a coal mine in the village. German energy firm RWE plans to seek compensation from protesters that demonstrated at the village of Lützerath over the planned ... Read full article »

Can carbon removal help meet world's climate targets?

To prevent further global heating, humans need to stop burning fossil fuels. But that's not enough — experts now say we also need to remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. What are our options? Humans must now start removing billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere alongside deep, rapid ... Read full article »

Japan: Nuclear plant execs acquitted over 'man-made' Fukushima disaster

Public anger is growing after a Tokyo court ruled that despite seismologists' warnings, TEPCO officials could not have anticipated the powerful earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. On Wednesday, an appeals court in Tokyo upheld the acquittal of three former executives of the company that operated the ... Read full article »

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